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My journey in surviving ovarian cancer has been a difficult one, and also rewarding. I have met many wonderful people, learned a lot about myself, and have a deeper appreciation for life. Follow me on Twitter @KarenIngalls1, www.facebook.com/Outshine-An-Ovarian-Cancer-Memoir, and you can find my book at: http://www.outshineovariancancer.com. Proceeds will be donated to funding ovarian cancer research. ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT COPYRIGHT 2011 THROUGH 2013.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


                      “Love paid a price so hope could become a reality.”

                                                   ― Susan Gaddis

     As a butterfly soared overhead, one caterpillar said to the other, "You'll never get me up in one of those things."
     Yet for every caterpillar the time comes when the urge to eat and grow subsides and he instinctively begins to form a chrysalis around himself. The chrysalis hardens and you'd think for all the world that the caterpillar is dead.
     But one spring morning the life inside the chrysalis begins to writhe, the top cracks open, and a beautifully-formed butterfly emerges. For hours it will stand stretching and drying its wings, moving them slowly up and down, up and down. And then, before you know it, the butterfly glides aloft, effortlessly riding the currents of the air, alighting on flower after gorgeous flower, as if to show off its vivid colors to the bright blossoms. .
Somehow, the miracle of the butterfly never loses its fascination for us. Perhaps because the butterfly is a living parable of the promise of resurrection.

                        Easter is a time of love,
                        A time of death and pain undone,
                        So we may know the power of
                        The love that lives in everyone.
                        Each love we feel, unstained and free,
                        Redeems us--as with you and me.

Wishing you each a most blessed day and that the gifts of Easter may touch your hearts. 



All proceeds from Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir go to gynecologic cancer research at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute. Thank you for your support.

Friday, April 11, 2014


           "I have always used writing or journaling to heal, to motivate, and to comfort me."

                                       LET WRITING HELP BRING YOU HEALING.

"Journaling about my diagnosis, treatment, and survival of ovarian cancer helped me 5 years ago, and so it does again as I face this cancer challenge once again."

"I am so honored and grateful for the awards, recognition, and praise I have received for my book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir."

"I am pleased that I have been able to donate to ovarian cancer research at Florida Hospital Cancer Institute."

      **Writing does not have to be published to be helpful, inspirational, or worthwhile. What matters is what does the author gain, learn, or receive from the experience of sharing thoughts, fears, ideas, or answers to questions.

 **More often than not, when I "pick up the pen" it is like a time of prayer or meditation. I write from my heart and soul, sometimes just for myself, or at other times to share.

  **When I was a young girl, diaries were popular and I wrote down my daily activities, my dreams, and life's questions. I recently read some of the diaries that my grandmother wrote in every day of her adult life. I know it helped her cope with the death of her daughter.

**When we send a get well, sympathy, birthday, or any occasion card, we are "writing" our prayers, good wishes, or thoughts to someone. Hallmark might be the label, but we chose the card. Such writing is healing and welcoming to the receiver.

**Blogging is the 21st century way of writing in a diary.

**I encourage you each to try to journal in the form of a story, a poem, or just random sentences.  If you have a fear that is holding you back: write down words that describe your emotions; draw pictures; use different styles of writing such as block letters, script, etc.; write down words that show you overpowering the fear.

**Fear, hate, or jealousy can be such strong emotions that they can stop a person from living his/her life fully. Gain control of them and take their power away through journaling. It is a powerful step.

**You can do the same kinds of things with unanswered questions, happy or sad memories, or any thing. I always start with a prayer for guidance and God's presence.


Monday, March 31, 2014


                            WHAT IS YOUR NUMBER?

  I LOVE THE NUMBER "7"...it is my birthdate,
                                                                   it is lucky,
                                                                   and it is great number for tumor markers!

  I ALSO LOVE THE NUMBER "3"...it is my birth month,
                                                               I have 3 sons,
                                                               and I have 3 stepchildren.

                                   Here are some number facts:
              Unity is represented by the number

             Is for the duality of the human and spiritual parts of Christ

              Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit

The four Gospel writers, there are four seasons.

                                                      Christ suffered with five wounds.


                                                                   Creation occurred in six days.


Seven represents perfection; gifts of the Spirit.

                   Regeneration or resurrection are represented by the number eight.


                                             There are nine choirs of angels.

                                                   And ten signifies completion.

Today the number I celebrate the number 19...
                                     a drop of 11 points of my tumor marker...                             
                                           CANCER CELLS,

                             IS DOWN, BUT I CELEBRATE
                            THE LOWER BLOOD LEVEL

                                  GOOD WISHES,
                                     AND HELP.


Sunday, March 23, 2014


My deepest gratitude to Susan Gonzalez for the guest blog she wrote last week. It was very well received and deeply appreciated. If you have not read it, I encourage you to scroll down to For No Fear: You Must Know Fear. Be sure and get her book, 100 Perks of Having Cancer.


**I am proud to announce the release of my new novel,  Novy's Son, The Selfish Genius.

Now available on Amazon.com as a paperback or an ebook


      Synopsis: From his early childhood, Matthew Collins sought love and acceptance from his father, who was raised as the bastard child of a famous artist. Matthew struggled with jealousy toward his younger brothers, and he questioned the morals and values of people around him.
As an adult, Matthew lived life his way, with years of lying, womanizing, and heavy drinking. Though married four times, did he ever find unconditional love? Would Matthew’s high intelligence, his love for his two daughters, and his unique philosophy of life help him rise above his demons?

                     Please check out my new website at www.outshineovariancancer.com.
                  There are links to ordering books, ebooks, and keep you up to date on events

For my Florida friends, there will be a book launch on Sunday, March 23 from 3:00-5:00 pm at the Belton Building in Tavares. Come one, come all.

                                  THANK YOU, EACH AND EVERYONE, FOR YOUR
                                       PRAYERS, SUPPORT, AND GOOD WISHES.