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Ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in 1 of 72 women; 14,000 will die. Please know the symptoms and risk factors: read Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir. Books at www.amazon.com. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO GYNECOLOGIC CANCER RESEARCH. I am a member of Rave Reviews Book Club and Rave Writer's International Society of Authors, and Patient Leadership Council for Tesaro, Inc. I WILL NOT USE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN CONTACTING YOU DIRECTLY. ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT COPYRIGHT 2011 THROUGH 2018.

Friday, November 25, 2011

A Giving Thanks Day

It was my first time to not prepare a large meal for Thanksgiving Day; to not have family or friends around us; and to not be busy cleaning the house. It was a relaxing, quiet, reverent day spent alone with my husband, Jim. We chose to celebrate this special day with a dinner at a nearby resort. We had a champaign toast and talked about our happiest Thanksgiving memory. We agreed it was a tie between our first one together some 23 years ago, and today's.

One of the blessing of having had a serious illness, is that each day is truly appreciated. I do not say this as a cliche, but as a fact, because our gratefulness for the gift of each day has not decreased. We have learned ever more deeply to be thankful for the moments we share, our friends we enjoy, and the family we love. We no longer waste our time and energy talking about what we don't have.

A dear friend is dying after fighting the good fight against bone cancer. He is a miracle to live five years longer than the doctors had predicted. For the past two months he has reached out to others asking for forgiveness; seeking special time with friends; and putting his life in order. I am sure he is thankful for these past five years; for five more Thanksgiving days to celebrate; and time to live and love. I give thanks that he has been in my life for the past eight years.

Positive thinking, happy memories, forgiveness, and love enrich my life and for which I am thankful. And I thank you for reading this blog; thank you for your support; and thank you for your comments.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Support Groups

Yesterday four of us who are ovarian cancer survivors gathered for support, laughter, food, and fellowship. The name of our group is Bodacious Ovarian Diva Survivors (B.O.D.S.) whose "membership" changes when we gather every two months. Since our last time together in September, four  women had passed on. We talked about their bravery, journey, and impact on each of us. We know that the rate of recurrence is 85%, which is a pretty staggering figure. The main reason for recurrence is because the diagnosis is usually so late, Stages III or IV.

Know the symptoms: bloating, abdominal pain, constipation, urinary frequency, fatigue, painful intercourse, appetite changes. They are vague, but PERSISTENCE of the symptoms is the key. Please see an gyncology-oncologist if you do have the persistence of any of these symptoms.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Honoring a Survivor

An active member of the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida passed away yesterday after battling ovarian cancer for the past 11 years. I did not know Jeanne Lowke very well, but it is thanks to her that I became involved in two support groups from the Orlando area. The two times I was in her presence I was impressed with her outgoing, friendly, and positive outlook. She served on the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida board, working tirelessly to educate women about this too often fatal disease. She supported women and their families through her volunteer work.
It is my mission to also reach out to the public, because it is through increased awareness that more women will be diagnosed sooner; a more reliable form of testing will be found; more funding will be available for research; and a cure will one day be found. That is why I wrote my soon to be published book.
Ovarian cancer was the silent killer; today we refer to its whispering symptoms; perhaps soon we will say cancer no more.
Let me hear your feedback. I would appreciate your comments and thoughts.