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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Christmas Message

Sometimes we think kindness and friendliness do not exist in the world anymore. We cynically say to ourselves, "Who would help me?" Has the message of Christmas been lost? Is there a Santa Claus? But I  still believe in the story of love that Jesus's birth brought. I believe in the beauty of giving that our magical and mythical Santa brings. And I am confident there are more good samaritans in the world today than we hear about. All too often the media emphasizes the sad and bad things of the world.

A dear friend and neighbor, Harry, at the age of 92 years young fell in his garden at his rural farmhouse. He could not get up on his own so he was crawling towards a swing in the yard hoping he would be able to lift himself up. His wife was in the house and had no idea of what had happened. She did not hear his calls through the closed kitchen window.

A stranger driving down the road happened to see Harry struggling to make it across the yard. The driver pulled his car to a stop and ran over to help Harry to stand and walk to the house.  Harry has lived on that farm for over 70 years and said he did not know who the young man was. "I did not think to ask his name at the time I thanked him for his help."

The good samaritan did his good deed without any requirement for recognition or payment. He simply did it because another person needed help and he was there to lend the helping hand. He gave a gift: kindness (just like Santa Claus) and did it with love, which is the message of Christmas.

I wish you each a blessed Christmas and that the year 2012 will be full of happiness, peace, and health. Share your stories of Christmas and Santa Claus.

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