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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday I had my blood drawn to measure my CA125, which is the marker for cancer. Even though the test is not 100% reliable, it is the one we have. I am feeling fine and have no symptoms of the cancer returning, yet I feel anxious as I wait to learn the results. I am grateful that I now see the oncologist every 6 months and can say that I am a 3 1/2 year survivor, but for the last week I have been more tired with increased indigestion, and more general aches and pains. I see the oncologist on the 29th of Feb. and I anticipate that these symptoms will be diagnosed as stress, not cancer. That is the positive energy I am sending out.

Every day I pray and meditate that either the cancer won't come back; or if it does come back, that I will face it with dignity and courage; and that my light will outshine the cancer. Those of us who have faced a terminal or serious illness, are uniquely changed for the rest of our lives. We are hyper-alert to any physical change in our body, which is a double-edged sword. We might communicate with our physicians more, but on the other hand, we might create more stress for ourselves by worrying about every change, small or big. Sometimes it is difficult to balance between the two.

On the last two blogs I talked about the power of touch, both physical and spiritual. It is the hugs as well as the prayers from family and friends that uplift and sustain me. I also receive wonderful support from you, my blog readers, and those I communicate with on inspire.com. God bless you all.


  1. Thanks for the update Karen, try to stay in today and just keep asking yourself how am I doing right now, usually the answer is...everything is just the way it is supposed to be right now. Try not to think too much, thinking causes stress and stress makes us tired, and as you know can cause physical affects on the body. When you start looking into tomorrow or next week just try to stop your mind and think of the beautiful things that you are experiencing right now at this moment. Look around you at creation and just try to get out of your mind. I will coninue to pray for you as I have for the last 3 1/2 years, everything is OK and will be OK. We can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you for your prayers, good thoughts, and very true advice. I just heard from the nurse who said my blood test was perfectly normal...the CA125 was 7!!!! So my symptoms were stress related. I used to counsel and give seminars about stress management. It is not always easy to put into practice that which we teach! Looking forward to the 15th! Love you!