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Thursday, June 28, 2012


My best friend from fourth grade to tenth grade was MaryAnn Meyer. We promised each other that we would never end our friendship. We used to laugh and say "When we are old we will still be friends and talk about our kids, husbands, and life in general." We thought we were inseparable until one day I moved to live with my dad some fifty miles away. In the 1950's that was a long way away and our contact became more distant. In those days we had the telephone, which meant an expensive long distance call, or a hand written letter with a 3 cent stamp. We were also young.

I have just moved 1500 miles from my Minnesota friends of 20 to 45 years to Florida where I have wonderful friends from 1 to 10 years! All these people have been there for me through life's many adventures including my cancer diagnosis and treatment. I think I have been there for them too.

I am so grateful that I have lived long enough to be computer-savvy; to be on Facebook; to take advantage of the Internet; to Skype and to email. However, friendships take effort. Someone has to be proactive to communicate, invite to, or to demonstrate caring about the other. Some friendships are deeper in that they are intimate where what is shared are soul-level thoughts, concerns, and revelations. With other people it may be at the level of caring and concern; or it may be someone to just have fun with because of shared interests; or he/she is a good listener and lets you do all the talking.  Whatever the level of friendship it is a give and take relationship with many rewards. I don't know where MaryAnn is today. By the time I left the state for college, we had stopped communicating. I hope she has a friend(s) that she can talk to about her kids, husband, and life, because I have been blessed with many friends in Minnesota and Florida, plus a few scattered around the country.

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