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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Quilt of Life

If you were to create a quilt with each patch representing your life, what would it look like? Would you have the patches represent the lows as well as the highs of your life? Would it show mistakes or failures? Or would you try to portray yourself as always having a good, perfect life free of those negative events. What colors would you choose? Would you include lessons you learned, role models who influenced you, or life-changing events?

Facing Cancer Together has a digital quilt for those of us who have faced or are dealing with cancer to make a patch that shares our story about cancer. I was honored when they invited me to share my story and my book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir. You can find the quilt on www.facingcancertogether.witf.org.

My life quilt's background would be mainly of blue and green colors (my favorite colors) with splashes of white. My patches would include a picture of a piano, a bouquet of violets, and a Siamese cat. Each of these represent role models. Then I would have a square of just black, which represents the child abuse; a square with mountains for Colorado University; one with a nurse's cap; one with many books; and another with a computer. A big round patch with the names of all my children and grandchildren; and a heart shaped one with my husband's name. I must have a patch that will have flashes of light emanating from it which represents my spiritual journey.

Writing this blog stimulated my imagination and so many memories. What I described above is only a small part of my quilt. Have you begun to design the quilt of your life? I encourage you to do so, because it will put your life in perspective, give you a symbolic way to look at it, and for others to perhaps learn something new about you. Just know you can always add or take off a patch, but no matter what the quilt is YOU; that special gift from God.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I saw your post on Pass the Wine. I am just starting my fun journey with this cancer. I found out on April 12, 2012 I have stage 3b. I am 42. I am a mom of 3. Its been a tough journey, but with faith, and love I am getting through this. I love reading blogs from all of my ovarian cancer sisters. It really helps keep me focused on the journey ahead. I too have a very simple blog called http://cancerandmydysfunctionalfamily.blogspot.com I too am in Florida. The South Florida area.. Thank you for providing such inspiration!!!

    1. I too have found reading blogs to be very helpful. I also find Inspire.com to be an encouraging and informative website. Thank you for your input, sharing about your journey, and I will follow your blogs. God bless you.

  2. I love the idea of the life quilt. I now have some great ideas for mine! I am 7 mos past chemo and NED. I am navigating the new road as a survivor. Best wished to you and as my mother in law always said. "God Bless You Real good"

  3. "And God bless you real good, too, Janet." I love how your mother-in-law said it...obviously coming from her heart. I will follow you and pray for you. Keep doing the NED dance! I will look for your quilt on facingcancertogether.