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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teal for Ovarian Cancer

September is ovarian cancer awareness month and teal is our color. This month is not about wearing teal. It is about spreading the word about this deadly disease.  My mission in life is to keep speaking out about ovarian cancer until every woman is as informed about it as they are for breast cancer.  I have written this information before, but if each of you send this blog to all your friends, awareness will be increased, and perhaps we will see a decrease in the mortality rate.

Symptoms are:
      1. Bloating or increased of abdominal size
      2. Abdominal pain
      3. Feeling full quickly after eating less than normal
      4. Urgent need to urinate
      5. Painful intercourse
      6. Change in bowel habits

These are not unusual symptoms for any woman, no matter her age. They are similar to menstrual, menopausal or post-menopausal signs. The key is if they are new, recurrent, or worsening for more than 2 weeks. That is why it is important to document and take that information to a physician. 

If you have any of the following risk factors, then it is imperative to see a gynecologist, or a gynecologist-oncologist is ideal.

Risk Factors:
      1. History of breast, cervical, rectal, uterine, colon, or ovarian cancer; or family history of same.
      2. Never been pregnant
      3. Eastern Jewish descent
      4. Risk increases with age.

There is always HOPE and I believe that education AND research are the keys to winning this "battle".  We teal sisters of ovarian cancer thank you for your support and helping us to get the word out. 


  1. Dearest Karen Ingalls,

    You are so right about it not being about the color, but being about just talking to women! And your list of symptoms is so important to show that one or many of them can be active in virtually all of us over 40 years old. That is exactly the conundrum.

    Since it is also Menopause Awareness Month in September, I'd also like to agree that now is a good time to talk to your friends, mothers, grandmothers about Menopause. Common diseases affecting us include: heart disease (#1 killer in USA), pre-diabetes, subclinical hypothyroidism, estrogen and progesterone deficiency, Vit D deficiency, and hyperlipidemia.

    I Second the notion of seeing a doctor to focus on your female issues. How important, indeed!

    Dr Margaret Aranda

    1. Thank you for sharing information about menopause. It is appropriate that Sept. is also Menopause Awareness Month, since symptoms are often similar and 50% of ovarian cases are post-menopausal women.