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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waves of Life

This past weekend I participated in a golf tournament to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Florida. My husband and I stayed at a hotel in Daytona Beach and our room overlooked the Atlantic Ocean. In the late afternoon I sat and watched the pounding surf and began to marvel at the power, vastness and uniqueness of each wave. I watched the surfers and realized that they had to either ride the wave on their boards, gently float over it, or they had to dive into it. Is not that a simile of our lives? Sometimes the wave appears so large that we know we have to react to it with perfect timing to ride and survive it. When we are faced with such an event in life, we need to use our healthiest resources to "ride" or get through it.

Some surfers were tossed about as the wave crashed over them. Perhaps they underestimated it or were not looking for it. Just such a wave hit me when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I was not "looking" out and did not heed the warning sign of the bloated stomach. Like the surfer, I was tossed around for a while, then I gathered my resources of excellent medical care, complementary therapies, prayer, laughter, and positive thinking.

When I went through my divorce it was like diving into a wave. My life did crash around me, and at times I gasped for air hoping to rise above the turmoil. I once again used the healthiest coping resources around me such as friends, meditation, counseling, good nutrition and exercise.

"When life gives you rough waves, surf them," is a wonderful saying, and I wish I knew who said it to give that person due credit. I pray that each of you will use your healthiest resources to ride whatever waves life brings you. God bless.

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