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Thursday, December 27, 2012


     Victor Hugo's magnificent story, Les Miserables, is about love and hate, war and peace, justice and injustice, kindness and ruthlessness, greed and generosity, and the power of love for country, God, and people. It could be a story written about any country or time of history. One of the main characters, Fantine, is an attractive, independent and financially stable young lady whose life ends in extreme poverty and loss of dignity and beauty. Her only purpose in life is to provide for her daughter. She sings the following words:

                                             I dreamed that love would never die
                                          I dreamed that God would be forgiving

       I dream and believe that love will never die. I see the world and people in it like the ocean's waves. Sometimes they are swirling around in an eddy; or rising high and strong; while other waves gently move; and others splash against jutted rocks, or smoothly washing ashore.

     But no matter the weather or tides, the waters of the oceans keep rolling and moving. The weather symbolizes life's events and challenges; the moon which governs the tides is like God, who is always there for us. And God is Love.

     The underlying theme of my book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, is that there is no storm we cannot weather through; there is no obstacle we cannot climb over or go around; and if we let God lead us love will never die and God will be forgiving.

     I dream of a world without cancer; a world of peace and love; and a world where humans forgive each other just as God forgives us.

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