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Thursday, January 24, 2013


                              I received an email last year called "Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee." It was about how                               when carrots, eggs, and coffee beans are subjected to boiling water, their different reactions are similar to how each of us respond in our own unique ways to adversity.     

                          The carrot enters the water strong, tough, and firm, but once it is in boiling water, it will become soft and easily mashed. The orange color is less vibrant; it loses some of its nutritional value by loss of vitamins and minerals; and the taste changes to more bitter.


      The egg is vulnerable with its thin and fragile shell. Its insides are liquid and easily spread thin without its shell to protect it. After being boiled in water the outer shell requires more force to crack, and what was once liquid is now hardened. An even slightly cooked egg is more palatable to eat.


      A coffee bean gains strength and hardness from the tree. It likes tropical weather with lots of rain, the thin air in the mountains, and the warm sun. The bean needs the boiling water to become the wonderful cup of coffee that greets many of us each morning. The sweet aroma is relaxing; its warmth is comforting; and its taste is pleasant. 

     When you are faced with a challenge, struggle, or problem are you like the cooked carrot that weakens and loses resolve? Or do you become firmer and more resolute like the hard-boiled egg though look the same? Or are you like the coffee bean that changes into coffee; do you become a better person and rise to a higher level when faced with a challenge.? In my book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, I talk about how I went through different stages of facing this challenge. I try to live my life as a cup of coffee!

     Click on "comment" below and share how you might be like any of these three food items; in what circumstances you might be more like the carrot, egg, or the coffee; and how do you see the people in your life and how they respond to the boiling water of challenges.


Kathleen said...

I loved this~ I believe I'm coffee too. Found out I was a real warrior~ Quite a surprise never knew how strong I was and have gotten stronger daily...Kathy ~ Ovarian Cancer since 6-12-2012

Karen Ingalls said...

Bravo, Kathy! We both will have special "birthdays" to celebrate in June; mine on the 20th and you on the 12th.
One of the great things about life is when we learn or reinforce something positive about ourselves.

Beaver's Pond Press said...

Great post, Karen! It reminds me of mental alchemy... turning a negative into a positive!


Karen Ingalls said...

We never know how strong we are until we are faced with a challenge. Thank you for the comment.

Anna Maria said...

I love the way you express your feelings! We really don't know how strong we can be until we are faced with adversity and have to make a choice. I do like my coffee strong. :)

Karen Ingalls said...

After reading your blog, Anna Maria, I know that you are like a strong cup of coffee. Each time you faced a challenge, or was put in the boiling water, you came out of it with more wisdom and strength.
I am interested in reading your future blogs. Thank you for sharing your comment. It is appreciated.

AnneMarie Ciccarella said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog and WHAT A GREAT analogy. I'm big on visuals and damn if this doesn't hit it spot on...

Nice to meet you... AND I see now... besides AnnMarie.. and me with the "E" ... I see Anna Maria, too!

Karen Ingalls said...

I love these visuals and the messages they bring. I think about them often and try to be a cup of coffee!
Glad you visited the site, and thanks for the comment.

Anna Maria said...

Thank you Karen, It makes me happy you enjoyed my blogs. I will be following yours also, you write with wisdom.