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Thursday, February 21, 2013


     I am very pleased and honored to have Charlotte D. Hunt as my guest blogger this week. She is known to those she mentors as "the encourager who helps people hope again." She is a counselor, award winning author, national speaker, retired international runway model, and founder of Dream Madly Ministries.

              A CHANGE IN PURPOSE

      Have you ever asked yourself, "What is my purpose in life?" We are often curious about our purpose because we were created with three basic human needs: the need to have worth, the need to be loved, and need to feel accepted. The desire to know our purpose is based on our desire for worth. We want to not only be reassured that we have value in our lives, but we desire to know that value should be lived out. We want to know that we matter and will make a difference in our years here on earth.

     Often we will search out self-help books, find 4-step programs, or attend lectures to find out the formula to our potential, passion, and purpose. I am certainly not downing any of those venues. However, I am suggesting an alternative and a different way of thinking about the word purpose in reference to your life.

     Most times we define purpose as a goal or something that we will obtain or possess at some point in our lives. We believe that once we know what our purpose is then we can start doing that thing. Many spend a lifetime trying to find their purpose or guess that special "thing" that God desires them to do while on earth.

     I would like to challenge that. Instead of thinking of your purpose as a thing to find, try thinking of purpose as something you are. Instead of saying, "I'm trying to find out what my purpose is" it is better to say, "My purpose is being lived out through me." Make sense?

     For example, take the life of Billy Graham. He had a childhood that formed his passions, personality, and purpose. At a young age, while he didn't understand it, his purpose was to touch people's lives with the saving message that you can come just as you are to Jesus. Everything he did in and through his life fell in line with that purpose. He didn't have to think about it or try to come up with a purpose. Because of the story of his life and the gifts and passions he was given, his purpose came out of who he was created to be. Through his purpose, doors opened up, invitations to speak, bigger audiences came, media attention formed and he became who we now know as "Billy Graham."

     While our purpose is lived through our lives, God often walks out our purpose through His process which cannot be controlled or manipulated.

  • God births within us a vision--a burden for ministry and/or dream. We get excited and begin to make plans and formulate expectations as to how it will be fulfilled.
  • The second step is always the most painful step--God put that vision to death. We are often left hurt, bewildered, and somewhat frustrated. It is at this point that God necessarily has to put to death our natural way of thinking and our noble attempts to accomplish in the flesh what only He can accomplish by His spirit. It is at this point where we must learn to rest in the Lord and trust Him. We often give up at this step rather than accept that if this is ever going to be fulfilled, only He can do it.
  • The third step is what you might expect--After we have been made to "get out of the way," God supernaturally brings about that vision which He birthed in us, but does so in a manner in which He gets the glory--not us!
     Trust the fact that there is a perfect plan in place.

 Charlotte D. Hunt has authored three books, the award winning, "Damaged Goods: Learning to Dream Again," "Dream Madly, Pursue Wildly, and Trust Completely: What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up," and "A Confident Expectation: Encouragement, Stories & Thoughts for Those Who Hope."

Web: www.charlottehunt.com

Blog: http://charlottehunt.wordpress.com

Books available at: http://charlottehunt.webstarts.com/products.html


  1. Wonderful post. So uplifting. Thank you for sharing this!

    1. Thank you for visiting this post and I appreciate your comment. Yes, Charlotte has a special gift to reach so many.

  2. At the moment and my age, I think my purpose is to just live my life, control my time, connect with others in meaningful relationships, and to live every day as though it were my last.

    How I can make those happen? Baby steps in a physical sense is all I know. I've always had to be responsible for anything that happens to me, whether it be a home or car, etc.

    I don't know how to follow the steps that Ms. Hunt suggests - let go and let God. I wish I were more like her and then I could see the possibility of it happening differently.

    Thank you, Ms. Hunt, for speaking to a new sense of purpose that is lived out through me via Trust.


  3. Thank you Charlotte and Karen for this encouraging post.

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    2. I believe that Ms Hunt's last sentence says it all: "Trust the fact that there is a perfect plan in place."

      Thank you, Christine and Shirley, for visiting and commenting at this site. Your thoughts and words are helpful and appreciated.

  4. My most sincere thanks to Charlotte for doing the guest blog last week. It was inspirational and touched the lives of so many. I highly recommend her books and encourage each of you to follow her blog at http://charlottehunt.wordpress.com.

    I welcome and say thanks to those who follow and read the posts here. Your comments are always welcome and your support is appreciated.

  5. Great words Charlotte - that is the perspective we need when we are trying to figure things out. It's so disappointing to not be valued. Sometimes we just try too hard. And it's hard to let go when you are full of resentment and fear. And thanks to Karen for providing so much inspiration on your site! I really do value your words and thoughts :)

  6. Holly, thank you for your comment and I agree with you that it is difficult and challenging to let go of fear and resentment. But, that is where God comes in. We need to give Him those feelings.