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Thursday, February 14, 2013


                                               MY VALENTINE STORY FOR YOU                                                     

      In 1958 I lived in Hollywood, California and was a junior at Hollywood High School. One day I was walking down Hollywood Blvd on my way back from school. Just as I stepped off a curb a flashy red convertible with its top down made a loud screeching sound as it came to an abrupt stop.  The driver was none other than Eddie Cantor!

He is quoted as saying,  "Slow down and enjoy life. Its's not only the scenery you miss...you also

                                         miss the sense of where you are going and why."       


 Mr. Cantor was a very busy and successful entertainer, but I believe he always knew where he was going and why. We may remember him as the comedian with the bulging round eyes that he could rolled in circles, giving him the nickname Banjo Eyes; his jokes and funny stories from radio and television; and his comedic antics in over 25 movies and many years on Broadway.

What you may not know is that he was a devoted family man, very generous to charities, and helped develop the phrase The March of Dimes. In fact, he was the force behind raising money for polio such that in 1938 the White House was deluged with 2,680,000 dimes sent, recognizing that Franklin D. Roosevelt suffered from polio.

       My brief "meeting" with Mr. Cantor was his big smile, a wave of apology, and a rolling of eyes. Thanks to him this Valentine's Day, I reflect on my life:

                                     I do enjoy life.
                                       I have slowed down though I remain busy.
                                          I know where I am going and why:
                                           My mission is to spread the word about ovarian cancer.
                                             I do that in hopes that lives can be saved
                                               And women can find hope and inspiration.

        Are you enjoying the life you have been blessed to have even though there may be  challenges? February is the month of love, today is Valentine's Day, and it is National Cancer Awareness Month, so what could be more loving than to slow down and enjoy the gift of life? 


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  2. This is a comment sent by WhiteStone: What a great encounter! Yes, I am enjoying life. And every moment is a gift from God. On another note, my dad used to roll his eyes to make us kids laugh. He called them the goog-goog-googley eyes...I suppose he got it from Cantor some time.

  3. Slowing down, smelling the flowers...yes I will take that any day of the week. Hearts to you dear Karen

    1. I literally cannot smell the flowers due to an old-fashioned cold, but I am enjoying the blue sky and warm sun. Since the cancer dx I have learned to slow down and make the most of every minute. I am sitting here, watching the ducks swim back and forth...how marvelous nature is.

      Now, back to my book, tea, and quiet.