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Thursday, June 27, 2013


                                         "It is the worst flooding in 500 years! "

     Our dream vacation of taking a river cruise through Europe became a motor coach or bus cruise on the Autobahn, through city streets, or down country roads trying to reach our destinations without encountering the many flooded areas. Despite it all, or perhaps because of the challenges of long bus rides, packing and unpacking, different places to stay every other night, and uncertainties of what each day might bring, we had a wonderful time.

Our trip represented what life is all about: it has many challenges!

       Have you faced physical, emotional and sexual abuse?
              Did you lose a job, position, or job promotion?
                      Have you had major financial concerns?
                              Deaths of loved ones?
                                     Decline of a marriage or had a divorce?
                                            Unwanted move to a new state or city?
                                                    Do you have cancer, heart conditions, or other health concerns?
                                                           Are the family dynamics negative or painful?
                                                                  Do you fear the aging process?

                                               HOW DO YOU FACE THEM?                                          

      On our trip I laughed...got angry...prayed...tried to say positive things...at times was overly tired...enjoyed the beauty...shared tears...ate and drank delicious food and wine...made wonderful new friends...played...exercised...learned...and I grew from the experience. The flood waters taught me that no matter the challenge I can work through it, place sandbags of prayer, face or confront it, and choose to become a better person because of the flood waters.

     Thanks to everyone who has touched my life...and thank you to my new friends from the European River (Bus/Motor-Coach) Cruise. It was a wonderful way to celebrate my fifth year of being cancer free.

Please leave a comment, share an experience, or a lesson of life you have learned.


  1. Congratulations on your 5th cancer-free anniversary Karen! So sorry your river tour was washed out. That sounds ironic. It seems more likely for a road tour to be washed out, right? Well done on making lemonade out of those lemons though. It sounds as if you did a good job!

    1. Isn't that what life is all about? Lessons from everyday events, whether it be a flood or drought, an illness or death, a job or financial change, etc., are not always easy to learn, but necessary.

  2. Great analogy, Karen. Sometimes we do feel like we're drowning in whatever. Knew that you would find a way . . .or many ways, to put a positive spin on this new challenge!

    1. It is not always easy to find the positive, or the lesson to be learned, but I believe that what is we are to do. Thank you for the comment.