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Saturday, June 8, 2013


                   A teardrop is a salty fluid made up of protein, water, mucus, and oil released by the lacrimal gland. There are 3 types of tears:
  1. Basal which is a constant fluid keeping our eye moist.
  2. Reflex which serves to protect the eye from irritants like onions, smoke, chemicals, etc.
  3. Emotional tears actually start in the cerebrum where our emotions are. They are thought to rid the body of toxins built up from stress or illness.
                   Tears of sadness or joy come very easily to me. I have read that a tear is made of 1% water and 99% feelings.

               "As tears flow out, love flows in." I believe this with all my heart, because it is an opportunity to open ourselves to the love that is around us. The days before I learned I had cancer "Jim and I sobbed until our throats and stomachs ached." We developed an ever closer relationship with God and with each other...love enveloped us.

                   When I am with my "Card Club" friends, my sister, or my sons, I can laugh so long and hard that I am wiping away tears. It is so healing! such fun! We need comedians, jokes, clowns, or comedy shows to help alleviate pain, harsh memories, or tragic events that too often surround our everyday lives.

                   During the early days of dealing with my ovarian cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy, I watched I Love Lucy, The Carol Burnett Show, Leave It To Beaver, Laurel & Hardy, or such shows to bring laughter to my troubled soul. I was determined not to wallow in fear, depression, or self-pity.


I think I look like both these two cuties. 

Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry tears of joy.

Are you comfortable with your tears of sadness or joy? 

                    Most of the day do you wear a smile? or a frown, which is an upside smile?

                                        Find laughter and share it with another.




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  1. Karen, you're so blessed to be able to cry easily. I know all the benefits of crying, but tears don't come quickly for me. I cry when I'm really mad and I cry when I'm hurt--but even then, only when I'm on my own. I'm sure it goes back to my upbringing when tears were frowned upon, but how to get around this now? I don't know.

    1. Sometimes my tears come too easily. Last night at a Viennese concert I had a few tears of joy while the wonderful music "touched my soul."
      Like so many things, we learn how to express our emotions from primarily our family.
      Thanks for sharing, Shirley.

  2. I believe a good cry is very healing. Crying was an important step in how I processed through cancer bad news. I can't say I'm comfortable with it though. So many of us try to keep our emotions, including our tears, in check. Actually this was the topic of my latest post. Thanks for writing this.

    1. I am blessed that my husband is comfortable with his tears of joy or sadness. It helped me at my lowest and highest times of this dreadful "C" when we either cried tears of fear and sadness, or expressed tears of great happiness and gratitude. As a counselor I have tried to help people experience the healing power of tears.

      Thank you, Nancy, and I pray for you to have continued tears of joy!