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Thursday, October 10, 2013



     When you are experiencing events and people that are joyous, healthy, and positive the world always seems to be a much more beautiful place. Like in the movies, you hear the birds, music, and laughter. Life is good!

     Sometimes sad, maddening, or tragic events befall us. It can be the unexpected death of a loved one,  a serious illness, financial concerns, divorce, or many other such unhappy times. Days can appear to be interminably long; the skies more grey; and there does not seem to be anything about which to laugh or smile.

        There are valleys, but without them there would be no mountains!

                   I learned this quote or phrase from my grandmother so very many years ago. 
                                     It is so true and the imagery is helpful to me. 

What can we do when the ferris wheel of life is pulling us downward?
  1. As difficult as it might be, find the positive in the situation.
  2. Try to learn something of benefit to you and others.
  3. There are rainbows after rainstorms...did you see it?
  4. Know that there are people to support and help you.
  5. And, I believe with all my heart, that God is with each of us.

(Courtesy of Patrick Emerson)
When we are lifted up; when we are soaring; when we can touch the rainbow; or when the ferris wheel is at its peak:
  1. Live and share about the positives from the challenging times.
  2. Remember the lessons you learned while in the valley.
  3. Enjoy the rainbow and guide or teach others about it.
  4. Be the helper and supporter to others.
  5. And, be grateful that God never left your side, and you are not going to leave His.

      Some of my guest bloggers (Lynette Sheppard, Shirley Corder, Madhavi Sood, Elaine Stock, and Cecilia Crandall) to name a few, have given me inspiration as they shared their ferris wheel rides of life's ups and downs. They faced cancer, near-death experiences, menopause, and the death of a child. My deepest thanks to each of them for writing about these different challenges.


 From my book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir I share about the ferris wheel of cancer, which I still am on despite being in remission for 5 years. I am fortunate that I am able to enjoy more upward lifts, and fewer downward swings with the cancer.


   ****I was honored to have an article published in Oncology Times. Here is the link for you:

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