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Thursday, November 7, 2013


      The first time I heard the word bodacious was about 4 years ago when I was having lunch with other ovarian cancer survivors. At the time I was not sure what it meant, so I had to look it up.

       Bodacious is a new word that was developed in the 1980's. It combines bold and audacious according to Urban Dictionary. We all know that bold means bravery, daring. To be audacious can also mean the same as bold, daring, fearless, heroic; or it can mean impudence or impertinence (but that is too negative for this writer).

When I hear the word bodacious:

**I think of our service men and women who with great bravery protect our country. Let's
                  honor them this Monday, Nov. 11th. November 11 is Veteran's Day, which is a time to
                  thank and recognize their service to us and our country. I admire their boldness, daring,
                  remarkable heroism. They are bodacious.

 **I think of the many women I have met who will not let cancer
                 defeat them.
     Let's support them with love, prayers, and caring.
     One often hears or reads about cancer
                patients talking about how they will fight the cancer;              
      No matter what illness we fight, it requires bravery, daring,
                 boldness and hope.
      No good fighter enters the ring without hope.

 **Or, I think about a good friend's son whose remarkable spirit helps him deal with
                               colon cancer for the past year.
                I pray that my spirit will be like his.
                               His determination, faith, and strength define him as bodacious.

On a lighter note, I think of the bull, Bodacious, who lived from 1988-2000. He was infamous in the world of rodeo because of his innate and impressive way he bucked the riders off. Sometimes he caused serious injury, but it was the unique way (the bodacious way) he faced each rider (challenge) that made him famous.

Am I bucking off negativity, problems, fears, etc.?
          Do I face challenges with "bull-headed" determination?
                    Am I strong? Am I fearless?

So, be bodacious as you walk your path in life. Be brave, awesome, and hopeful. In other words,
                                          outshine whatever challenges you face.
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                                    All proceeds go to gynecological cancer research.

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