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Thursday, February 13, 2014


February is "Heart Awareness Month" so it is only fitting that I have Pamela Christian as my guest blogger this week. Her story is a remarkable one and her information, medically and spiritually, is valuable for everyone.

Did you know that:
·      Heart Disease —not breast cancer— is the leading cause of death among women in America? 
·      Approximately 500,000 women die from heart disease every year?
·      Heart disease kills more than the next 7 highest causes of death combined?

With numbers like this, it could happen to you or someone you love. Many deaths from heart disease can be prevented, such as I personally experienced.

I am a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest, which is very different from a heart attack. A heart attack is when the heart convulses for lack of oxygen. Sudden cardiac arrest is when the heart abruptly stops—often with little to no warning signs.

In my case what I thought was a case of the nerves because I was about to play tennis with women I’d not met before and wanted to play well enough to be invited back, turned out to be my warning sign. Had I been alone in my home, which was customary that time of day, I wouldn’t be alive. The three women I’d just met along with the paramedics literally saved my life.

It’s estimated that only five percent of witnessed victims survive and many of these with a seriously diminished quality of life. I am a miracle. Although I was dead for at least a full minute before defibrillation restarted my heart, I have no residual health problems. None.

Will you or someone you love be as fortunate? The numbers are not favorable. This is why I devote time “Helping women everywhere become aware,” which is the slogn for my heart disease awareness campaign. You can learn about it and read my full story here.

But beyond increasing knowledge about heart desease, I am also devoted to helping people examine their faith. Based on what I experienced in that time I was gone, I can assure you there is an eternal life we will live when we leave this world.

Examining what we know about heart disease and what we believe in terms of personal faith, could save more than a physical life—it could save an eternal life. That is why I dilligently seek to help people know what they believe and why they believe it, so they can have a confident faith in this life and eternal hope in the life hereafter.

 Pamela Christian is a keynote speaker, published author and host of radio and television. In addition to her Bless Your Heart, Your Health and Your Life e-book, she has authored the first in a three-book series, Examine Your Faith! Finding Truth in a World of Lies, endorsed by Josh McDowell, Dr. Craig Hazen and Dan Story among others. She holds a certificate in apologetics from Biola and has served in ministry for over twenty years. She is available to speak for your organization, increasing awareness, fundraising and/or sharing the gospel message. She and her husband David live in Yorba Linda, CA, with their two grown children living and working nearby. Learn more about Pamela’s ministry work and get her books at www.pamelachristianministries.com or http://pamelachristianministries.com/e-books


Kathryn Treat said...

Having family members who have/have not survived heart attacks and cardiac arrest, I thank you for bringing us this guest post.

Karen Ingalls said...

You are most welcome. We always need to be reminded of good health habits. Thanks for sharing.

Pam Christian said...

Kathryn, I'm so sorry that you are among those who has lost loved ones to heart conditions. I'm grateful that some in your family have survived. Together, through awareness we can help save lives. Bless you!