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Thursday, March 13, 2014


                                                                                                                                                            Having just been diagnosed with a recurrence of ovarian cancer, I know how fear can be destructive. I am so grateful for this inspirational and informational article by Susan Gonzalez, who is a breast cancer survivor.


*If you’re a human being, you have emotions. 
     *We can’t deny them any more than we can deny having a right hand. 
         *We love with passion, we enjoy a good, sad movie, and at times we are
            overcome with tears of joy.
            But when do our emotions become destructive to our health?

While we can’t simply shut off our emotions, we can learn to guide the destructive ones….to recognize them as destructive, and then loosen them…the same way a tight knot is loosened and set free.

        One emotion every person with a cancer diagnosis struggles with is fear.

Fear is the most destructive emotion we own. It not only keeps us from making our dreams into realities, it also causes physical changes in our body that inhibit the healing process, and in the long run can actually make us more susceptible to all disease…including cancer.

As destructive as fear is, this monster can be defeated. You just have to know the kill spot.

The kill spot is faith.
1.     Faith kills fear in a flash. 
2.     I’m not just talking about the religious kind of faith, (although when pure, that kind works perfectly)
3.     I’m talking about the faith that goes with knowing you are meant to be in this particular place at this particular time;
4.     Faith that you are not alone and that no matter what happens, it’s going to be OK;
5.     Faith that you know there is a reason you are reading this right now, and that reason may not show itself right away. 

                        This kind of faith must be cultivated.

The fact is, faith and fear cannot co-exist.  There can only be one victor.  Yes, occasionally a fight will break out for the right to reside in your brain, but in the end, it’s one or the other that wins.

           So how do you strengthen faith so it will always have the upper hand?
                               The answer lies in the “spirit” within you.   

As humans, we are made up of 3 parts: physical, mental, and spiritual. 
**Some deny the spiritual aspect of their being, but it’s there, whether they deny it or not. 
**That spirit is a powerful force against despair and destructive thought.
**Exercises that help us reach that part of ourselves which can connect us with God or the Divine help us to cultivate a sense of wellbeing and faith.  

Simply attending a church is not enough.  You not only have to believe in God, but you must establish a relationship with God. 
1.     For some, being in nature is enough to connect with the Divine. 
2.     For others, it’s formal prayer. 
3.     But most times all you have to do is just shut up. 
4.     We tend to have too much noise in our heads…too many distractions….too much involvement with possessions, schedules, and stuff. 
5.     The spirit could be shouting in our ear, but unless we quiet our minds, we won’t hear it.

Meditation helps quiet the mind and allows the spirit to come through.  There are many types of mediation exercises and all different forms of meditation to try, but they all help to focus on being in the present and listening for the voice of spirit. By focusing on the present moment, you aren’t thinking about the future…which is not reality…and you aren't thinking about the past…which again, is not real.  The more you can bring yourself back to the now and to the reality that you are connected to a force more powerful than anything else, the more faith you will possess, and the less fear will have a hold on you.

     If you are at all, even a little bit interested in finding out more, I encourage you to find a meditation center in your area, get a meditation CD, or look up some meditations on YouTube. There are plenty of free resources for you to get started.  Like anything that needs to be cultivated, meditation takes practice and time.  Or if you just want to get a better idea of what I am talking about, please read the short book “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani.  It’s a best seller and it might just change your life the way it did mine.

                                   IMAGINE NO FEAR...........IT IS POSSIBLE

   Book website: www.100perksofcancer.com 

We are launching a Cancer Survivorship Program called Cancer Plan 4 Life in May 2014. Website: www.cancerplan4life.com



  1. Thank you so much for the blog!!! So many things hit home for me, especially the first line" FOR NO FEAR: YOU MUST KNOW FEAR " Through my own journey with alcoholism I am learning and practicing many spiritual priciples to keep me in the moment. In the actual moment right here right now all things are very good and I know deep down inside everything is going to be ok. As soon as I start to live and think in the future I become uncomfortable.. I am beginning to understand how to live in the moment more and more. I just love it when the light bulb goes on or I can identify with someone else, it makes me feel like I am growing spiritually. Sometimes its hard to find peace or serentiy in the moment when we are physically sick or in physical pain do to outside circumstance beyond our control....spiritual principles
    can help during those moments too. I pray that we all try to stay in the moment, recognize our fears as they crop up, talk to someone, ask God to remove the fear and look toward someone we can help:) The day goes pretty good for me when I'm practicing these kinds of things!!!!

    God bless you Karen. I pray the nausea subsides and leaves your body!!!!!

    Amy Ingalls

    1. The following words came to mind after I read it: "beautiful, profound, healing, and loving."

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    3. You are living proof of this principle of mindfulness...and a wonderful inspiration! Thanks for commenting and sharing your story!