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Friday, March 7, 2014



For those of us who have or had serious or life-threatening illnesses, we are so appreciative to those who were/are our caregivers. I know that my husband was/is my strength, encourager, and supporter.

                                               HEART OF A CAREGIVER
                                                     BY PAULA J. FOX

                 "They choose to make a difference, regardless of the cost...
                            always willing to help others in their grief.
                   Its' hard to persevere at times, a Caregiver's job is tough!
                   It takes extra strength and courage to get through.
                   But God designed a HEART for them to handle every challenge...
                           so they can DO what others cannot do.
                  He made this HEART much STRONGER just to handle all the weight...
                          of the many heavy burdens it must bear.
                  And HE covered it with SOFTNESS to help cushion all the hurt...
                         with EMPATHY and tender loving CARE.
                  He also made it FLEXIBLE to bend but not to break...
                        when things don't always go the way they're planned.
                  And it had to be SELF-HEALING when hurtful things are said...
                        by those who just don't seem to understand.
                  He gave it more RESILIENCE to bounce band and not get crushed...
                        when disappointment battles against hope.
                  And He knew a SENSE OF HUMOR would be needed every day...
                       to give laughter and prove the strength to cope.
                  He made it with a battery that never does run down...
                      for a CAREGIVER'S day will never end.
                   It just keeps going...and keeps going, always one more thing to do...
                     with another crisis just around the bend.
                  And of course, this HEART'S an upgrade in so many other ways...
                  He made it KINDER...more UNSELFISH than the rest.
                  With more PATIENCE...and COMPASSION and a LOVE that never ends.
                                 Compared to all the others...it's the BEST!

I believe this poem says it all about my husband, Jim, my caregiver. Now that my cancer is back, he takes on the role once again. I am blessed.

Share how a caregiver impacted your life, or your role as a caregiver. We can all learn and be inspired from one another's stories.


  1. Replies
    1. Your friendship is one of God's gift to us.

  2. What beautiful words. I am so glad that my dad helps you. In facing my own alcoholism I have so many great teachers and givers. I truly believe I would not be alive today if it wasn't for them. My husband is one of them too and so are you and my dad. Thank you Karen:)

    You are an amazing woman. Love and prayers to you...

    Amy Ingalls

    1. Your love and support means everything to us. You and Jim are one of our role models. See you soon.

  3. The poem was beautiful as are you and your loving husband.

    1. It is a beautiful and powerful poem that expresses the importance of the caregiver. Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

  4. My husband, Gary, is my cheerleaders, my love, my best friend. He was the shoulder that was there when the doctor told me my ovarian cancer had returned. He sat right beside me through each chemo the first time and he is at my side once again. He loves his garden, so he brings his Burpee catalog and plans his garden. Not only is he my caregiver, his 89 yr old mom has dialysis three days a week. He and his brother, who has an ill wife, share getting her to treatments and doctor appointments. If I could nominate him for husband/son of the year, I would in a heartbeat. I love you and believe God created you just for me, Gary Shaw.

    1. Your words are so beautiful and full of powerful love. You and I are both very blessed women who have such incredible caregivers. Thank you for sharing.