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Friday, May 2, 2014


                                                   DO YOU SLEEP LIKE A BABY?

            Do you easily fall asleep?
                    Stay asleep?
                             Feel rested when awaken?
                                       Take naps?
                                                          OR ARE YOU AN INSOMNIAC?

                        Do you toss and turn?
                                Count sheep?
                                       Take sleeping pills?
                                               Tired when awaken?

           For most adults 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep is required for optimum health.

Healthy Sleep Tips:
        * Avoid heavy meals, alcohol, or cigarettes before retirement.
        * Keep the same sleep pattern even on weekends and holidays.
        * Avoid bright lights or stimulating activity.
        * Exercise daily.
        * Do not take naps.
        * Have your room cool (67-69 degrees).
        * Have a comfortable mattress and pillow.

        1.   Feel better overall.
        2.   Improves memory.
        3.   Live longer; improves quality of life;
        4.   Decreases depression and accidents.
        5.   Reduces inflammatory processes.
        6.   Spurs creativity.
        7.   Sharpens attention, improves grades and athletic abilities.
        8.   Maintain a healthy weight.
        9.   Decreases stress.

"I have struggled with insomnia for about 15 years. It started during menopause and continues to be an issue for me. I am making some healthy life style changes as suggested in the above and am experiencing more restful nights of sleep. I know a good night's sleep contributes to my body's immune system to fight the cancer cells and chemotherapy side effects."

My thanks to the National Sleep Foundation for its information. www.nationalsleepfoundation.com


  1. Great advice! There are some free sound singing bowl recordings on www.sonicyogi.com that help with a restful night as well.

    1. Thank you, Savvy Sister. I downloaded one of the recordings to add to my collection of relaxing and meditative CD's.