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Friday, August 15, 2014



         1. Don’t wait on me to call you if I need anything.  

2. Let me experience real emotions.  Sometimes I will clown around and laugh, and others I might be tearful and sad.

3. Ask me “what’s up” rather than “how do you feel.” Let’s talk about life and what’s been happening rather than focusing on my illness.

4. Forgive me.  There will be times when the illness and its treatment make me “not myself.” I may be forgetful, abrupt or hurtful. None of this is deliberate.

5. Just listen.  Just listen and don’t offer solutions. A good cry releases a lot of stress and pressure for me.

6. Take pictures of us. I may fuss about a photo, but a snapshot of us can help get me through tough times.

7.  Sometimes I need a little time alone.  Just to be quiet and reflective.

8. My family needs friends. Parenting is hard enough when your body is healthy. My spouse could also benefit from a little time with friends.

9. I want you to reduce your cancer risk. stop smoking, lose extra weight, protect your skin from sun damage, and watch what you eat. Please go see a doctor for regular check-ups and demand follow-up whenever pain, bleeding or unusual lumps show up.

10. Take nothing for granted. Enjoy the life you have right now. Take time to jump in puddles, hug the kids, and feel the wind on your face. Marvel at this amazing world God created, and thank Him for bringing us together.

These are only ten suggestions from a variety of sources. There are many more that could be listed. Think about what you would want if you were the one sick. We are each uniquely beautiful and have different needs and personalities. Try to be in tune with those traits of whom you are friends.