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Friday, March 6, 2015


                                     WHY DO WE FEAR CERTAIN THINGS?

       Somehow I developed a fear of roller coasters or anything that goes fast. I have had this fear as long as I can remember.
        I am also fearful of snakes and spiders.

                                      Was I born with these fears, or did I learn them?
We learn our fears sometimes from the very earliest days of our lives. My older sister was afraid of spiders and I might have learned from her.

Some people are afraid of change, yet life is full of changes: weather, politics, people, health, finances, jobs, and many more.

Fear can be a propelling force that motivates us; or it can cripple us to the point of doing nothing. Fear can release large amounts of endorphins that give us courage and energy for a short time only. Otherwise fear can and will deplete our energy, create negative thoughts, and increase anger.

I learned from my grandmother that what we fear is something to conquer or to learn from. She would tell me how LOVE is the answer. I watched my grandfather drink too much and have no friends out of fear that someone would learn of his past. As a teenager I feared that my family would learn of the abuse I suffered from my stepfather.  The first person I told was the priest at the Episcopalian church. He assured me it was not my fault and we prayed for me to find the strength to forgive him.

When we face the fear, accept the consequences we quickly learn that the fear was greater than the thing we feared. We now have more control of our lives because of love.

Life is like rock climbing. We take baby steps at first, clinging to each ledge or rock crevice. If we look down we can be proud of how far we have come. When we look up at our goal to reach the top it might be a long or short ways. There are safety ropes that prevent us from having the fear totally take over our lives. These safety ropes are family, friends, and God. As we climb up the cliff we have people around us, encouraging us, and ready to help us when we begin to lose our grip. The more we have such support, the easier it is to face our fear.

       We can adjust our sail, but cannot control the wind. 

      We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore.  (Anonymous)                                          

From having had two bouts of ovarian cancer, I have learned to face my fears of the unknown world of cancer, chemotherapy, and a myriad of tests. Yes, I still fear roller coasters, and I do not like spiders and snakes. They are lessons still to be learned.

All proceeds go to gynecologic cancer research.

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