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Thursday, March 26, 2015


 I am very pleased to present this most informative article about gynecologic cancer written by Karen Carlson, Executive Director of the Foundation for Women's Cancers.            

           Love Your Lady Parts: Join the Movement to End Women’s Cancers

     95,000 women will be diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer this year – that’s another mother, daughter, sister, friend or colleague every five minutes. Too many are diagnosed in the late stages, and nearly a third will die.

     Far too few women – or men – know how to recognize the symptoms of these cancers, and where to turn for the best treatment and outcomes. Risks rise with age, weight and other factors.

We all applaud the great success and strides made by the breast cancer movement. The time has now come to think outside the bra and focus on our other lady parts – to raise awareness and research funding to defeat these less talked about, below-the-belt women’s cancers. It’s time to Love Your Lady Parts

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer urges all women to:

                   LEARN the symptoms
                   LISTEN to your bodies
                   ACT by getting regular checkups; reporting all unusual symptoms that persist          for more than two weeks; and seeking care from a gynecologic oncologist – specialists with an additional seven years of training – for the best outcomes.

What are the symptoms? They vary for the different GYN cancers: cervical, uterine/endometrial, ovarian, vaginal and vulvar.

     **Bleeding after intercourse
     **Excessive discharge and abnormal bleeding between periods

     **Abnormal vaginal bleeding
     **Bleeding after menopause; even brown spotting or a single spot after menopause should be checked

     **Pelvic or abdominal pain
     **Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
     **Urinary symptoms: urgency or frequency

      **Problems with urination or bowel movements

      **New lump or ulcer in genital area

     For more information on risks, prevention and treatment of gynecologic cancers, please see How to Maintain Your Gynecologic Health on the Foundation for Women’s Cancer website.

     The National Race to End Women’s Cancer is the Foundation’s major annual awareness and fundraising event, supporting all our efforts. Held in early November in Washington, DC, this inspiring weekend unites survivors, loved ones, surgeons and other health providers, sponsors, runners and other supporters – gathered together with one voice to cast a bright light on cancers that have been kept in the dark too long.

Camille Grammer, Real Housewife of Beverly Hills and one-year survivor of endometrial cancer, lends her voice and celebrity as National Chair of the 2015 National Race to End Women’s Cancer. Join Camille and the thousands of other women – mothers, sisters, daughters, friends -- whose lives have been affected. Love Your Lady Parts and support this growing national movement to end women’s cancer. We warmly welcome you!

Karen Carlson has served as Executive Director of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer since 1991, leading the organization’s mission to support survivors, provide educational programs and resources, and raise awareness and research funding to defeat women’s cancers. Learn more and join the movement at foundationforwomenscancer.org. Register or donate to support the 6th Annual National Race to End Women’s Cancer on Sunday, Nov, 8, 2015 at endwomenscancer.org.

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