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My journey as a writer began as a child. I wrote poems and short stories which were my way of dealing with various life changing events. I am a member of Rave Reviews Book Club. Follow me on Twitter @KIngallsAuthor www.facebook.com/KarenIngalls, and you can find my books at www.amazon.com. My first book is Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir which received two awards. All proceeds are donated to gynecologic cancer research. My second book is a novel Novy's Son, about one man's attempt to find love and acceptance from his father. This is an all too common problem in our society. My third book, Davida: Model and Mistress of Augustus Saint-Gaudens is about the love affair between this great American sculptor and his model. ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT COPYRIGHT 2011 THROUGH 2017.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I received several personal messages and comments in response to my previous blog about friendships. Here are some excerpts from them:

 As a single mother for so many years raising my 3 sons, I did not develop near the female friendships I would like to have.

How sad it is that she doesn't enjoy the benefits of her close friendships 

I think often about you, and I send you my best positive emotions.

I have lost friends because of my cancer, but I have also gained so many new ones.

Loved the piece on Friendship. Creative friendship is a discipline with multiple rewards. At every juncture of my life the path has been decorated with beautiful human beings. Some tips to cultivate lasting friendships;
Treasure the "old gold" friends. Routinely I connect with "kids" I met in first grade high school college....
Keep in touch with groups of friends from every life experience. We remain connected to our exchange student Alice from Estonia, college friends, England India Dutch and Scottish friends, work friends and life is enhanced each time we connect. Many of my former patients and their families remain dear friends.
Make new friends of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Best friends range in age from 6-96 and come in a wide range of colorful packages.
Take time to make memories and schedule the next friendship date before you depart. Currently we are scheduling a date with a Malaysian couple we met on a cruise in February. We will stay with them in D.C. in September. 
Friendship is one of life's greatest gifts. Very happy that we met you through Ted and Cindy and look forward to our next friendship connection.

The treasures I receive from, and hopefully give to my friends:

                        SHARED TEARS
                                     FUN & GAMES
                                            HELP IN ANY FORM

                    Let your friends know what they mean to you. 


madhavi sood said...

Quite so true dear @Karen Ingalls, Friendship and that too True Friendship between souls is the rarest and most treasured gift to all.. For we can choose our friends and always stay connected. Well said! Greatly appreciate knowing you as a friend too and hope to meet you someday in person. Sending many prayers and best wishes and a big hug of appreciation all the way from India :) <3 Best Regards & Hugs, Madhavi Sood

Karen Ingalls said...

Madhavi, thank you for your kind words and I also hope we can meet in person some day. I think of you often and hope that you are doing well.
Love to you, my friend.