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Thursday, May 28, 2015


TREES clean the air by absorbing certain gases and trapping them on their leaves and bark;
         They cool your homes and streets with their canopies of branches;
                   They provide homes for birds and squirrels to nest;
                          Like a pine tree some offer beauty with their greenery in the winter;
                                 Others provide fragrant smells and beauty in the spring;
                                     Many insects find shelter and food, hiding in the deep grooves of a tree;
                                          At Christmas time we decorate the branches of various pine trees;
                                             And our delicious fruits and nuts come from trees.


One of my favorite trees is the live oaks so common in the south. When they sprawl their long branches freely, without boundaries, it is like a magical fairyland underneath. Their roots are long and spread outward giving them a large base to stand on.

      If I were to be a tree, this is the kind I would be!



 In St. Augustine, Florida, there is a palm tree growing out from an oak tree. It is called the Love Tree because they are intertwined like lovers in an embrace. The myth is that you will have everlasting love if you kiss beneath the Love Tree.

    These trees teach us that we need to protect, nourish and help one another. When we stand alone with selfish, anger, disrespect or even hatred, we only hurt ourselves.

   With trees we build houses, buildings, fences, docks and piers. If lost in the woods, we can trim its branches to build a lean-to shelter. We cut twigs and logs for a fire in our fireplace, fire pit, or open campground. Some of us use wood to build furniture, make toys, or create sculptures. From trees we get paper on which to print, write, and create photographs, paintings, and origami. Trees provide fun for climbing on, swinging from, playing hide-n-seek, or using our imaginations for most any game or activity.

    I watch the willows, palms, and cottonwoods gracefully bow and bend in a storm, swaying with the challenge they are facing. With cancer, I have learned that I too must not fight against the wind of disease, but use my faith, strength, and spirit to go with it so as not to be broken. There are other times I must be like a sturdy and strong redwood tree and face the disease with new resolve by deepening my roots so that this storm will not uproot me.   

   When I look at a tree standing tall and strong I see its arms reaching out to embrace me, raising its trunk and main branches upward as if in prayer to God, and its roots running deep and wide into the earth like a foundation of knowledge, love and faith.  I want to be like a tree...helping, protecting, providing, and loving others...just as God does for me.


                            AND FROM WHICH I LEARNED ABOUT LIFE.                     

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