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Thursday, June 4, 2015


         Flowers have lessons for us also. Here are two stories that are beautiful, thought-provoking, and can teach us some things.                                 

                                                     A WHITE ROSE 

     Out from the weeds and bushes emerged a white rose as white as the driven snow. Because of its location, the white rose could not see its own beauty even though those around it marveled at its sweet sense, its glistening beauty from the morning dew on its petals, nor her perfection. 
     One day a young girl is walking by and saw the white rose which was starting to wilt from lack of rain. She gently picked it and took it home. She put it in a vase and placed it by the window so it could get some sun.
     "Is that me?" the rose asked itself as it gazed at its reflection. The rose began to stretch its leaves and raised itself up towards the sun. "I was so blind to all around me, I did not see my own beauty." The rose had never known who she really was.

MORAL: If you really want to know who you are, forget everything that's around you, and just look into your heart. 
(In collaboration with Rosa Marie Roe. http://freestoriesforkids.com/children/stories-and-tales/white-rose)                                                

                                                     THE THISTLE

    A dusty and long path to Jerusalem was lined with flowers of every color, shape and size. There were daisies, pansies, roses, petunias, tulips, and chrysanthemums to name a few. They chattered among themselves ignoring one flower that stood quite tall and lonely. It had thorns, big leaves and a fat stalk. 
    "Oh, why must he be among us? We are so tiny, delicate, and pretty while he is ugly and just green."
    A dainty violet was under its shadow and complained, "His thorns sometimes brush up against me when there is a breeze and it hurts so much. Oh, I wish he would just wither and die."
    The very prim and proper rose said to the thistle, "Don't you know why we are all here, and who we are waiting for?"
    "Yes, I do," replied the thistle. "And that is why I am here too. I hope he selects me."
With that all the flowers started mocking and laughing at him. 
     This went on for two days until they saw Jesus coming down the dusty road. They preened and shook the dust off of them, spread their petals and leaves, and stood straight and tall with their faces towards the sun.
     The thistle could not shake the dust off, but kept the top of his head facing upward now crowned with beautiful purple flowers.
     Jesus bowed and marveled at each flower as he walked by, and then stopped and placed his hand on the thistle's head. "You stay strong, beautiful, kind, and confident despite unkindness around you. For that you are the most beautiful flower along the road here." 

MORAL: Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. (Author unknown)

I pray that we each can see the beauty inside and outside of ourselves and all those around us. We are each a part of God's creation...which means we are to love each other just as God loves us. 

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