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Friday, July 31, 2015


When you hear the word RETREAT what comes to mind?
           Do you think of a military action when the troops retreat or go back?
           Or do visualize a person living alone, avoiding outside contact?
           Or a monk who lives a solitary life communing with and living solely for God?
           Or a group of people who gather together at a special place for a certain purpose?

The purpose of this blog is to discuss the value of attending a retreat to grow spiritually, heal physically, mentally, and spiritually with a group, and to learn some life lessons.

Some forty years ago I attended a "Marriage Enrichment" retreat, which helped my husband and I to see and understand some areas of communication we needed to improve upon. It was a growing and learning experience.

I was a counselor several times at "Church Camps" for the high school aged young people. It was a week long event of fun and games, trysts, and small group sessions. It was an opportunity for the youth to explore, discuss, and receive insight into their thoughts, opinions, questions, and behaviors. Over the years I would hear from many of them how helpful the church camp experience was for them to grow into healthy, happy, and well adjusted individuals.

A very dear friend of mine attends a Men's Retreat every year, and he has been attending it for over forty years (or could be longer). It is a prayerful time of silence and reflection. It is very healing as he communes intimately with God, receiving advice, encouragement, peace, and a new sense of renewal.

One of my "teal sisters"sent me information about a retreat called "Women With Cancer." We are teal sisters because we both have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. It has never worked out for me to attend this event though I would like to someday. Here is information about it:

                             Women With Cancer: Spiritual Exercises and Prayer
                                                           Sept. 17, 2015
                      Retreat begins Thursday at 5:30 pm and ends Sunday at 1:30 pm
               "A silent retreat based on the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius, with a special 
                                  emphasis on Healing for women with Cancer."
                                                         REGISTER AT:
                   1200 Lantana St., Corpus Christi, TX 78407  361-289-9095, ext. 321

Retreats are very special ways to receive spiritual growth, healing, and learning experiences.


Deborah Binder said...
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Deborah Binder said...

I highly recommend the Ovarian Cancer Survivors Retreat at Camp Mak-a-Dream in Gold Creek, Montana. It is FREE and first timers can apply for a travel scholarship. Wonderful and comfortable accommodations. Fun activities. Good food. GREAT women. There is still room in the late August, 2015 retreat. You can apply online. Here is the website: http://www.campdream.org/programs/adult-retreats/

Karen Ingalls said...

Thank you for sharing about this retreat, Deborah. I was not aware of it.

John Anderson said...

Nice post, well discussed.

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Karen Ingalls said...

Thank you, John. I believe retreats offer opportunities for healing on many levels.