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Monday, October 26, 2015


Barcelona is a magical city in many respects. The artist/architect Gaudi created magnificent structures that leave us in awe and wonder. Walking through the Park Guell was a wonderland of art and God's art in the beauty of nature.

The architecture that is so prominent in many areas of Barcelona is due to the creativity of Guido. He did not let rules and restraints hold him back in his passion for art. Nor should I let my life be stopped by cancer, but live every minute with complete alive-ness!

The Flamenco dance is one of music and stories told through their words, graceful movements of hands, feet, facial expressions, and clapping of hands. I did not understand the words sung, but knew and felt the passion they were expressing. Just as the Flamenco dancer at times appeared to be showing anger or sadness, or joyfulness and celebration, or again of power and strength. They were expressing life!

At Montserrat Monastery in the mountains is a beautiful, mystical, and magical place of wonder and awe. It dates back thousands of years and is nestled in the tops of the Montserrat Mountains. There are monks and nuns and a boys choir. There are many chapels and a cathedral.
As I walked through the foggy monastery I felt the challenge of everyday life as I climbed the hills and many steps just as I do when going through chemotherapy and facing the return of cancer. Then as I listened to the beautiful voices of the boys' choir I was swept into the emotion and knowledge that all is in God's hands. I was and am at peace.

Tonight we had dinner and a night-time tour of Barcelona with Theresa Zanatta, who I met through the Internet. She is also an ovarian cancer survivor. We shared our stories and what each of us are doing to raise awareness and funding. I am so honored and blessed to have met her. I have a new life-long friend. Theresa is working very hard here to help women understand about this disease and she and I agreed to help one another.

From my experiences here in Barcelona I have learned that my journey with ovarian cancer is one of music at times slow and moving; other times of doing a jig when the cancer is gone for however long. It is living my life completely and being in tune with my body physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I admire Theresa's tenacity, attitude about our shared disease, and her philosophy of life which is so well reflected by everything I have seen and experienced in Barcelona. We are sisters of more than just the color of teal, but we are surviving thrivers.

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