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Monday, December 14, 2015


I love the Christmas season for many reasons. I love the music, sights of decorations, smells of baking, and so much more. One thing I do not like is the song The Twelve Days of Christmas!! So today I am going to share my Five Gifts of Christmas.

One: the gift of smell. Did you know that people can detect at least ten trillion scents of smell? Our scent cells regenerate every 30-60 days. We can smell fear, it is the oldest sense we have, and women have a stronger and more accurate sense of smell. Yet health wise, a decreased sense of smell is an early sign of Parkinsons and Alzeihmers.
I love the smell of pine, pumpkin and pecan pies, and our balsam/cedar candles.

Two: to have one's eyesight is a blessing beyond measure. When I learned I had early stage Macular Degeneration I cried dreading the loss of the ability to drive, write my books and articles, and to knit. Those people who are totally blind from birth cannot see the beautiful lights, trees, and other decorations plus the faces of their loved ones.

Three: my Master's thesis was Loving Touch: One Path to Health. Our skin is our largest organ and affects or influences all our other senses. Touch is the third gift because I can give and receive love through hugs, kisses, held hands and arms around shoulders. As we visit family and friends there are lots of gifts of touch.

Four: there have been wonderful advancements in treating hearing loss. I shed tears of praise and joy when I see the face of a person hearing something for the first time. How blessed I am to hear the many beautiful songs of Christmas. My favorites are:
          The First Noel
          Ave Maria
          O Holy Night
          It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
          O Come, O Come Emmanuel 

Five: I can taste the French Christmas cookie galette that Grandma Crislip used to make in her waffle iron; my mouth is watering for the rich taste of Cousin Edwin's fudge; and the delicious varieties of cookies (Russian teacakes, gingerbread, biscotti, white chocolate macaroons), and the decadent candies (almond bark, English toffee, divinity).

The real gift of Christmas is that of the birth of Jesus. He is a gift that is here for us everyday, forever. 

My thanks to Everyday Health for important facts about our five senses.

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