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Thursday, February 18, 2016


This blog is an adaptation from a presentation from one of the Chaplains at              Cornerstone Hospice, Tavares, Florida.

No matter what our circumstances might be...health, financial, personal, socially...we need to find our inner peace. How do we do it? Here are some suggestions:

     **By denying the reality of our circumstance we are only creating an unhealthy way to approach the situation. We need to face head on that yes we have cancer, or we lost our job, or that we are trapped in an unhappy marriage, etc.
         Accepting the reality helps our whole self to learn and grow from it; it to become a stronger and better person.

     **Meditation or deep prayer opens our ears to God's words and His guidance. Though God knows what is in our hearts, it helps us to verbalize to Him; it brings more clarity.

    **Music can open up our very being to peace, happiness, or change in our thinking. Our taste in music differs from person to person. I like classical, my husband likes alternative rock. I like ragtime, he likes classic rock.

    **Spending time with nature is one very important way I find inner peace. Working with my flowers, watching the changing mood of the lake, marveling at the wildlife around our home, or a walk on a beach. Nature brings a healthier and calmer perspective so I see my circumstances with a sense of renewal. I learn from nature...to take things in stride...go with the flow.

    **Never lose hope. We must always believe that there is a rainbow at the end of the storm. For me, that means I will always dance in the rain no matter how bad the storm. I will not let cancer rule my life, but I will outshine it by rising above it.

    **Learn to forgive others: I believe this is one of the most important and valuable lessons any of us can learn. I forgave my step-father for his abuse with me. It took me several years to come to this, but once I did I lifted a large ugly cloud hanging around me. A new light began to radiate around me and life had become beautiful and meaningful. I did not forget...I forgave.

Other things we can do to bring inner peace are to smile, care about the feelings of others, embrace your beliefs, never think you know it all, live in the present, and do things you enjoy.

No matter what challenge you are facing, I encourage you to incorporate these suggestions into your life. Take one at a time and build from there. They often will fall into place automatically. 


All proceeds go to ovarian/gynecologic cancer research


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