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Thursday, March 3, 2016



                  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY...

                                   ACT ON WHAT YOUR BODY SAYS TO YOU...

"I was probably sick for two years, but I brushed it off---and that's what bothers me most," says survivor J.S. now 50, who was diagnosed in 2007 at age 41."I had become very aware of my own body," she explains. "That's what drove me to press for a diagnosis."

M.S. then 62 felt bloating and other symptoms slowly take shape this past winter. She initially dismissed them. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a late stage.

I was 68 and my only symptoms was loading. Diagnosed Stage IIC in 2008. The first doctor ordered
an ultrasound and CT Scan.  

"In Aug. of 2012 I went to ER and saw DR. He did not order any type of scans...next time I was in ER Jan. 1, 2013, they did a cat scan and found a 10b tumor that was malignant" K.B.

From K.L. "My OBGYN had misdiagnosed me for seven months until I demanded a transvaginal ultrasound when a six cm tumor was found."


This mother lost her daughter to ovarian cancer. Visit http://www.thinkoflaura.org

And even an 8 year old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

A two year old also was diagnosed.

                             PAP smears do NOT detect ovarian cancer. Only cervical.
                              All women should get pelvic and rectal exams every year.

         Why are we hesitant to talk about the area below our waist? 
           We women need to speak out and advocate for our bodies. 

  DEMAND a CA125 and a transvaginal ultrasound BEFORE going from doctor to doctor. 

            Let's rule out ovarian cancer first...then consider 
                         other diseases or disorders. 

                        LEARN FROM GILDA RADNER!"

At a recent conference in West Palm Beach I met some outstanding women. Many of them shared how many years they had been survivors. I heard responses like  "I AM:

  • Just a few months
  • Three months
  • Two years
  • Six years
  • Twenty-nine years
  • Thirty-seven years
  • Forty-eight years
                    Congratulations to all who are survivors for however long it has been.

And congratulations to those women who seek out medical intervention as soon as they recognize    some symptoms and act on them.

Some of us need encouragement to go to the doctor from our spouses, partners, family member 
or friends. Listen to them and go see the doctor. What can it hurt?! It might save your life


  1. I agree with your post! This is one of the most wonderful articles According to me.
    love and relationships & share your thoughts & share your feelings

  2. Leena, Thank you for your support and endorsement. We all have to keep listening to our bodies and responding to them. Best wishes to you.