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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Have you ever revisited the home you grew up in?

      What are your favorite memories of your home?

            Does it seem smaller than you remember it being?

                   Did you share a bedroom with a sibling?

                        What did your bedroom look like? Posters? Books or toys?

Scott Maxwell of the Orlando Sentinel had a most interesting and nostalgic article when he revisited the home in which he grew up. His parents were downsizing and they were moving. The kids came home for one last night to sleep there.
He talked about the kitchen table "where my mother always insisted all five of us gather for dinner." He remembered every step that would creak when he was trying to sneak in after curfew.
           "My parents are older. Downsizing is simply an inevitable, if emotional, chapter in the book of life we all write for ourselves."

Jim and I downsized when we sold our St Paul, MN home to take up permanent residence in Florida. It was an emotional and exhausting move, but it was time to make such a change. I remember every detail of that home we lived in for twenty years.

My memories of my childhood home from 9 to 16 years old are clear and real. About 15 years ago my sister and I revisited that home and I could not get over how much the front yard had shrunk! Truth be told, it did not shrink, I just grew up.

Mr. Maxwell concludes his article with a wonderful tribute to his parents, both of whom were positive and caring people. The kind of role models every boy or girl should have. "But if that final night taught me anything, it was to strengthen my resolve as a father and husband myself. So that when I finally leave my own house, I might also leave behind a legacy for which my children will be as grateful as I am for the one my parents left us."

The message in my book, Novy's Son is about passing the Iron John concept on to our children. This theory was popularized by Robert Bly in the 1970's from his book, Iron John.  Murray who is Novy's son searches for love and acceptance from his father. It is based on my father's life and other men who I had counseled when I worked as a nurse therapist.

Yes, a home is more than it's size, number of bedrooms, or how much the staircase creaked. It is about the people in it. Home Sweet Home should be more than a structure where people only exist, but a place of peace, harmony and love.

My thanks to Scott Maxwell (maxwell@orlandosentinel.com

Novy's Son is available in Kindle or paperback at Amazon. (www.amazon.com/Novys-Son-Selfish-Genius

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