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Friday, June 24, 2016


                              THERE ARE SO MANY NEEDS IN THE WORLD...
                                          OFTEN THEY ARE RIGHT NEXT DOOR...
                                                   OR IN OUR OWN HOMES AND FAMILY.
Here is one story about a young mother who turned tragedy and sadness into a way of serving others. She now brings peace and comfort to those who have suffered the same loss as she did.

The young couple heard the words, hydrous fetalis for the first time. They had been celebrating the pregnancy of a little girl who they named Viviana Iris Acosta. Sonograms confirmed that Viviana's lungs and her head had filled up with fluid and were told the baby would not likely make it to term.
The choice of an abortion was not an option for this couple based on their Christian beliefs. However, Viviana's heart stopped beating by the seven month of pregnancy and was born Nov. 3, 2008.

Leaving the hospital without a sweet baby in her arms was a very traumatic experience and it was then that the idea of making boxes with keepsakes in them came about.

                                                  Viviana’s Memory Boxes

Each keepsake box contains the following:
  • “When Hello Means Goodbye” (a booklet on infant loss and grieving)
  • Handmade receiving blanket for baby
  • Bible scriptures and poems to help comfort the family
  • Plush Teddy Bear
  • Forget – Me – Not Seeds
  • Small photo album
  • New Testament Bible
  • Journal with ink pen
  • Tissues
  • Lip gloss
                        For more information go to: http://kalebkares.com

John Michael Night at 18 years old on Dec. 14 suffered a very rare stroke, in the brain-stem. This has left the young man unable to move anything but his eyes, yet his spirit is strong and vibrant. He went through intensive rehabilitation at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta. Received visitors, cards, and gifts from all over the world offering him prayers and encouragement.

The senior high student wanted to walk at graduation. And, he did with the help of his classmates and his own sense of will and fortitude. For weeks he practiced the simplest of movements that any of us take for granted. He can now hold his head up, swallow food, lift his arms, and even speak a few words. John's sense of self-will, tenaciousness, and faith made him a great LaCrosse player and now helping him to overcome this great challenge.

On Twitter he listed John 13:7 as the Bible verse he lives by: "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."

              From an article in the Orlando Sentinel: ksantich@tribpub.com

I think of the woman who started Ovarian Cancer Women on Facebook as a place for support, encouragement, and information, and is now in hospice
...for a dear friend whose only child and her long-time pet died within 6 months of each other
...of another precious friend whose son died unexpectedly
...of all my teal sisters who are dealing with ovarian cancer
...of the tragic and senseless deaths here in Orlando on June 12
...for the hundreds who die in war, accidents, poverty, illness, or natural weather events

WHY? I have no answer to that question. Why do some people suffer more than others? I only know that whatever challenge that comes into my life I need to learn and grow from it. I try to be a better person.
                  As my coffee mug states: Just when the caterpillar thought the world
                                   was over, it became a butterfly...Proverb

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