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My journey as a writer began as a child, but my first published book came as a result of my ovarian cancer diagnosis. The title is Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir which received three awards. All proceeds are donated to gynecologic cancer research. I am a member of Rave Reviews Book Club. Follow me on Twitter @KIngallsAuthor www.facebook.com/KarenIngalls, and you can find my books at www.amazon.com. ALL ORIGINAL CONTENT COPYRIGHT 2011 THROUGH 2018.

Thursday, December 22, 2016



A box full of laughter, which is the best medicine. As long as we have a smile, giggle, or uproarious laugh, life cannot get us down. 

Two boxes filled with positive, loving thoughts. If we think gloom and doom, our life will be such. No matter the challenge, think about what you can learn from it and become a better person.

Three (or more) healthy meals a day rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, fruits and vegetables. Cut down or eliminate processed foods and sugars. 

Exercise at least four times a week. Opening those four boxes will improve your heart health, body weight, stamina, and will put a smile on your face and happy thoughts in your heart.

Do deep relaxation or meditation at least five times a week. This is a way to calm stressful thoughts, relax the whole mind and body, commune and listen to your God or Higher Power, and find peace.

There is no better gift at Christmas (or anytime) than the gift of health. Our bodies are each unique and beautiful, packaged and wrapped just for us. They do need to be taken care of, cherished, and listened to for good health physically, emotionally/mentally, and spiritually.

I like to think that our bodies are God's gift to us, and what we do with them is our gift to God...and to ourselves.
        Wishing you each a most blessed Christmas and a truly 
                          healthy and happy New Year.

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