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Saturday, May 6, 2017



There may not be a pot of gold in the literal sense, but rainbows symbolize opportunities to be healthier, happier, and more complete. In Native American culture some tribes believe the
rainbow is a bridge between the spiritual and human world; Buddhists believe the seven colors represent the seven continents. In Irish culture a rainbow is synonymous with a pot of gold; and in the Polish culture the pots of gold are a gift from angels. Christians believe that the rainbow is a sign from God that the world will not be destroyed by a flood again and in the book of Revelations it is a sign of the second coming of Jesus.

I believe there are seven lessons to be learned from a rainbow. My thanks to www.colorpsychology .org and Dr. Jennifer Kunst for her article "Seven Strategies To Truly Be Here Now."

RED is the first color of a rainbow. It has the highest wavelength with each subsequent color 
         decreasing in wavelength. In Christianity this arc corresponds to Archangel Uriel which 
         represents wisdom and energy. In modern day Buddhism and Hinduism the red arc  
         corresponds with the base chakra, which is the first chakra that connects a human to the 
         physical plane. 

                   #1. Turn toward reality. Don't turn away from life, but towards it.

ORANGE represents creativity and the ability to enjoy oneself.  It is the second chakra which 
         is associated with fertility, sexuality, and creativity.

                  #2 Embrace your life as it is rather than as you wish it to be.

YELLOW is associated with Archangel Jophiel which represents the brilliance of wisdom and
                  thoughts. According to the chakra beliefs of Buddhists and Hindus, it is the seat
                  man's ego and personal power.

                 #3 Take your time.Slow, disciplined, incremental growth is the kind
                       of approach that leads to lasting change.

GREEN  is the fourth color and represents health, wealth, and love. It is where love is given
               and received.

                   #4 Practice gratitude; it is a recipe for emotional health and well-being.

BLUE is the fifth color and is associated with Archangel Michael who represents spirituality.
           Within the chakra belief system it is in the throat area and is where the ability to
           speak with purity resides.

                   #5 Stay close to your feelings, even the painful ones. We need our feelings to
                         find satisfaction, meaning, and pleasure in life.

INDIGO represents the bridge between the conscious and subconscious. It is called the 
              third eye in Buddhism and Hinduism; the ability to see the unseen on the 
              spiritual level.

                     #6 Accept success and failure as part of life's journey. We are all learning.
                          No one gets it right every time. A more compassionate attitude towards
                          ourselves only helps us grow.

VIOLET  is the final color and has the lowest wavelength. It is a mixture of red and blue and
               represents mercy. It is the highest chakra point where human consciousness
               connects with the Divine.

                    #7 Tend to your loving relationships. These relationships don't just happen
                         magically; they grow and are sustained through attentive care and 
                         sometimes hard work.

                Thank you for visiting this blog today. I welcome your thoughts and comments.


  1. What a beautiful post Karen. I'm so happy to hear you're doing well and have soldiered on bravely with your treatments. You are an inspiration! Be well. <3

  2. Debby, thank you for your comment and encouragement.

  3. What a wonderful post. My Mom passed from ovarian cancer in 2011 and I wrote a book about it. Your lessons for the first two chakras are nearly identical to some of the lessons I outline in my book! Great minds think alike. Sending you lots of healing rainbow colored energy!

  4. Jen, I am so sorry about the loss of your mom. I would love to have you as a guest on my blog to share about you and your mom's journey. And certainly, to promote your book.
    Contact me at kareningalls1941@gmail.com if you are interested.
    Thank you for sharing.