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Monday, May 15, 2017


I ask the question, "Who am I?" We are each unique in our personalities, which I find amazingly beautiful. We can stand out in a crowd or be one to blend in and not be particularly noticed. How we become the person we are is a fascinating journey. 

As I was driving down the road yesterday I looked at the various cars passing by or alongside me. I suddenly realized how most cars all look very much alike. There might be some variation with taillights, headlights, size and placement of windows, but all in all they are fairly similar...just like us! 

Have you noticed how the Cadillac and Jaguar no longer have their distinct looks that any of us could easily recognize? The newer models all look like other cars.

                          One car that has maintained its unique look and style is Corvette:

Its low sleek body has changed very little since the first one rolled off the production lines in 1953. No matter the year of production, its unique low to the ground, headlight placement, and two passenger style is easy to recognize.

Then a Volkswagen Beetle pulled up next to me at a stoplight. Now, there is a car uniquely different from all the other cars...and it always has been. It truly stands out. From 1938 to 2003, the two door, 4 passenger Bug was available with its engine in the rear. Such a revolutionary new concept from the traditional long and big sedans of the United States.
There are those of us that are so unique and different, we stand out in a group. Do you remember Tiny Tim from the 1980's? He played the ukulele and sang "Tip Through the Tulips" mainly in a falsetto voice. Due to his unique persona and style he stood out from other performers and was easily recognized. He built his career on his uniqueness.

We each have our different personalities. According to Webster's Dictionary a personality is "a combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual's distinctive character." How do we develop our personalities? Is it genetic, familial, life events, influence of other people?

Most psychologists agree that these two factors—temperament and environment—influence the development of a person's personality the most. Temperament, with its dependence on genetic factors, is sometimes referred to as "nature," while the environmental factors are called "nurture."

There are stages in the development of our personality: infancy, toddler, preschool, school, and adolescence.

Some people have taken the Multiple Minnesota Personality Inventory, which was first published in 1943. It has gone through several revisions and is still used today to assess personality and psychopathology. I took the test a couple of times as part of a pre-employment requirement.

According to the Myers-Briggs test I am an INFJ, which is the rarest personality type. It appears to be a very common personality among writers. It is a simple test and you might learn something about yourself! I direct you to this link https://storyempire.com/2017/05/10/personality-types-and-writers/?c=2933#comment-2933 for a most interesting read about personality types and writers by the very talented author, Mae Clair, who is also a member of Rave Reviews Book Club. From her blog it was discovered how may of us writers are INFJ's.

The personality test Enneagram seems to be more about what kind of a person you are. It divides the personality into nine categories, which has in itself raised some controversy. Despite the controversial viewpoints, it is a method of self-understanding. I show to be "The Helper."

There is the theory that we are either Type A or Type B personalities. The "A's" were time driven, anxious, impatient whereas the "B's" were relaxed, more reflective, and non-competitive. This theory is not as well accepted because of the small number of people in the study.

The message from this blog is that we are each a uniquely beautiful human being. The important part of this look at personalities is how we contribute to society, interact with others, and how happy or content with who we are. We can make changes if we want to. We can learn to be more outgoing or more shy; to be more assertive or more laid back; or to be more of a leader or a follower. Whatever changes we choose to make they must be true to our essence.


Thank you, Mae Clair for your contribution to this blog. I encourage you to go to her website and check out her books. https://maeclair.net/blog/

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