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Monday, July 31, 2017


How do we define the word awe? According to the dictionary, "it is a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder." We often see it in nature, but I am often in awe of certain people and what they do. 

I am in awe of the many men and women I have met who have successfully overcome tremendous challenges or illnesses. What gives them the strength, power, and fortitude to climb out of the valley of despair to the mountain of joy and health?

         I think of Mother Teresa who had many obstacles and hardships to overcome, but she never stopped believing in the importance of her work. She never gave up.

         The more I read about Abraham Lincoln, the more I am in awe of all he achieved against all odds. He persevered because he knew what was right for this country.

         Martin Luther King, Jr. pushed through to bring equality to his people. He refused to be stopped even during the worst of times. His faith kept him strong.

          I am in awe of the parents I have met who had a child die, or like my grandmother whose only three children died before she did. She and other parents rely on their faith and purpose of life to overcome such grief.

          The many women and men who give their lives to helping others either as volunteers in the chemotherapy room, at the food banks, organizing marches and fundraisers, giving to the homeless without a second thought, and those that have developed businesses, charities, websites, etc. to bring attention to a cause. Those millions of people who help their neighbor or a total stranger just because they need the help.

There is an organization called WEGO Health "is a mission-driven company connecting healthcare with the experience, skills, and insights of patient leaders." I have been involved with this company for a number of years as an advocate and more recently as a health expert. There are some incredibly dedicated men and women who are helping others. I am in awe as I scroll down the list. https://awards.wegohealth.com/nominees? I invite you to go down the list of some 200 men and women and endorse those who touch your heart in a special way.

Who are you in awe of and why? When I think of my heroes and heroines who have or are trying to make the world a healthier, happier, and better place to live, I look deeply into myself. Am I doing all I can? Am I sharing and caring as much as possible? Do I give to others as generously as I could? Do I wear more smiles or frowns? Do I praise or be too critical? Is my hand outstretched or held back?
When I see a mountain, a hawk, or a butterfly, I remember the valleys I have climbed out of, the power of soaring with God beneath my wings, and that I am no longer a caterpillar, but a beautiful butterfly hopefully nurturing people with love.

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  1. Awe is such a special expression. I believe reserved only for special purposes of reverence.
    Like... God... birth of a child.... the Grand Canyon....It does trouble me that the current vernacular of the "kids" gross misuse of the word "awesome".
    An 8 year old kid, hitting a baseball 10 feet IS NOT awesome!

    This is a comment sent to me by Stan Hamerski, who gave me permission to share it here.