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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Giving Thanks Day

It was my first time to not prepare a large meal for Thanksgiving Day; to not have family or friends around us; and to not be busy cleaning the house. It was a relaxing, quiet, reverent day spent alone with my husband, Jim. We chose to celebrate this special day with a dinner at a nearby resort. We had a champaign toast and talked about our happiest Thanksgiving memory. We agreed it was a tie between our first one together some 23 years ago, and today's.

One of the blessing of having had a serious illness, is that each day is truly appreciated. I do not say this as a cliche, but as a fact, because our gratefulness for the gift of each day has not decreased. We have learned ever more deeply to be thankful for the moments we share, our friends we enjoy, and the family we love. We no longer waste our time and energy talking about what we don't have.

A dear friend is dying after fighting the good fight against bone cancer. He is a miracle to live five years longer than the doctors had predicted. For the past two months he has reached out to others asking for forgiveness; seeking special time with friends; and putting his life in order. I am sure he is thankful for these past five years; for five more Thanksgiving days to celebrate; and time to live and love. I give thanks that he has been in my life for the past eight years.

Positive thinking, happy memories, forgiveness, and love enrich my life and for which I am thankful. And I thank you for reading this blog; thank you for your support; and thank you for your comments.

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  1. When we are given "extra" time, everyday becomes Thanksgiving.