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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Photography of Life

I recently read the novel, Winter Garden, which was a very moving and emotional story about two adult sisters and their aging mother about whom they know so little. One of the daughters is a professional photographer and somewhere in the book something is said to the effect, "Life is like photography, you develop from negatives." As an amateur photographer I was quite impressed with this observation and how I have grown from some negative aspects since my ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Needless worry, superficial goals, and foolishly taking life for granted are just three  things I have let go of. When I find myself worrying about something, I meditate about it and "let go, let God." Worries are only fears that I let control me.

One of my main goals is to be supportive to the women who have/had ovarian cancer. I want to teach/inform women of all ages about the subtle signs or whispers of ovarian cancer. I try to do this through this blog, my soon to be published book (Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir), support groups, and anytime I have the opportunity.

To truly live each day fully and lovingly continues to be a deep part of me. That seed was planted the day after my diagnosis, and like the saying goes, "I bloom where I am planted." Or so I try. I do not take anything for granted, but know that I must nurture, water, and fertilize each day.

What negatives have you turned into beautiful photographs of yourself?


  1. I posted a comment...but I lost it..
    Thanks so much..What to answer...very thought/heart provocting. I will have to really think about it..
    Great day today..each day is a gift. Thank you

    1. Before and during writing the blog I gave this a lot of thought. I loved the concept of developing the negatives of life into a photograph that will be beautiful or meaningful. Turning negatives into positives are not always easy.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Let go and let God.....so easy yet so hard. I look forward to your book...

    1. I suppose lessons are best learned when we have to put more effort into them. I may turn an issue over to God, but all too often I find myself hanging on to it in various degrees. I am better at letting go when I use deep meditation.
      God bless you.

  3. Karen thank you for your postings. Whenever I think of turning a negative into a positive I think of my alcoholism, I never wanted to be an alcoholic, I never asked God to bless me with the disease of alcoholism and I never said to myself "boy when I grow up I can't wait to be an alcoholic!" However as I look back over the course of many years and my life leading up to today, my alcoholism could be the greatest gift I have ever received. It's shaped me into the woman that I am today and I know as I focus on recovery I will live into even better places. One of the worst images in the human mind is "alcoholic" I'm glad I don't see it as being so ugly, bad and negative today.