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Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Inspirational Couple

Last week I talked about caregivers and I believe that my neighbors, Harry and AnnaBelle, are the perfect example of a caregiver to each other and to us fortunate to know them. To give care to another it should not be for self-gratification, selfishness or resentment. Caregiving should be an act of unconditional love. I am blessed to have this wonderful couple in my life.

They have encouraged and supported me from the very beginning of my new life as a cancer patient. They sent cards; made telephone calls; and daily prayed for me. Now that I am a cancer survivor their prayers and support are still there. They attended my recent book launch, purchased a copy of Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, and after reading the book they said, "Karen, you are an inspiration."

In the ten years I have known them, they have been an inspiration to me by the way they live and treat each other. For Harry and AnnaBelle who are 92 years young, God is the center of their lives; their love is unconditional; and they follow the Golden Rule. After 72 years of marriage they have heard and seen it all, yet they are not hardened, scornful, or unforgiving. Life has not always been easy for them yet they have been caregivers to each other, family and friends. Their sense of humor, positive outlook, and having looked at life through youthful eyes has helped them to be independent and productive.

Is there a person or couple in your life who has influenced you in a positive way?

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