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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Prayer & Meditation

I took this picture of a pelican sitting on top of a piling, looking very regal and in control. He appeared to be quite content sitting quietly with his eyes closed. I assumed he had eaten enough fish and was enjoying the warm sun, gentle breeze, and the stillness. I did not think he had any fears about predators at that moment. I have kept this image, because it is a reminder to be in control and at ease often by being prayerful and thankful.

During my most difficult days, I crave to be like the pelican. I find meditation to be the avenue to reach such a state of peacefulness. In my book Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, I refer to Qigong, which is an ancient method of energy balancing and meditation. Whether doing breathing exercises, meditating in my own way or with the assistance of a CD, or saying a prayer with deep intent, I always feel better afterwards. To me prayer and meditation are interchangeable words that are ways for God and me to commune; for me to listen; and to let God know what is in my heart.

Even though my cancer is in remission right now, I still rely on prayer and meditation to keep me strong and peaceful. Science has documented the release of endorphins, the slowing of the heart rate, and the decrease in blood pressure when someone is in deep prayer; any medication is more effective in the person who is relaxed and at peace; and MRI images have shown positive changes in all body organs.

Has prayer and/or meditation been beneficial for you?

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