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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let's Dance

Those of us who have faced cancer or other life-threatening illness are familiar with the phrase, no evidence of disease or N.E.D.  Those words are magical, joyful, and music to the ears! Some of us do the N.E.D. dance, which is an individual's own dance steps. No formal training required.

Today, a very special lady named Sandy, is doing the N.E.D. dance with her husband, Owen, and family. She received the good news of no cancer detected on her recent scan. After 3 surgeries, 3 years of chemotherapy, and 4 hospitalizations, Sandy has traveled this difficult road with dignity, a positive attitude, and gratitude for each day. I have never heard her complain, but always been there to support and help others.

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. PLEASE, support your local ovarian cancer alliances or groups. There will be rallies, walks/runs, golf tournaments, dinners, or other events to celebrate the lives of those who are not with us anymore; to support those who are thriving (or surviving); and to educate and inspire women and their families. Like pancreatic cancer, 70% of those women diagnosed with ovarian cancer do not survive the first year.

It is only through research funding that we will someday find a cure for this deadly disease and find a more efficient way to diagnose its subtle symptoms earlier. The proceeds from the sale of my book, Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir, goes to ovarian cancer research (ocrf.org/donate). Help us spread the word. All of us want to do the N.E.D. dance.


  1. Wow congratulations to "the lady called Sandy" and may she dance long and hard. Three years is a long sentence of chemo!

    1. Three years is a long time; unfortunately i have heard about women on even longer periods of time with different types of chemo. I am so happy for Sandy and I too hope she dances for a very long time.