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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas: What Is Its True Message?

Santa Claus, Reindeer, Elves,
      Toys, Presents,
             Gingerbread Houses & Christmas Cookies,
                     Christmas Tree All Decorated and Lit,
                             Stockings Hung From The Mantle,
                                     Jingle Bells, Frosty The Snowman, Little Drummer Boy, etc.,
                                            Crowded Stores Decorated With Lights,
                                                      Snow, SnowAngels, Sleigh Rides, Sledding,
                                                                Toys For Tots, Salvation Army Bell Ringers,
                                                                          Houses Decorated With Colorful Lights....


 One year we celebrated Christmas on Dec. 26th. Our youngest son, David who was a sophomore in college, arrived about an hour late with a large plastic bag slung over his shoulder, just as Santa does every Christmas Eve. "Ho, ho, ho, and Merry Christmas," he said, placing the large bag on the floor in front of his two brothers, niece and nephew (ages 5 and 3), and my husband and me. He opened the bag and before giving each of us our unwrapped gift, he had a story to tell about how and why he picked it out. When it came time to give me mine he shared the following story, "Well, Mom, I was just about out of money when I saw this." He then handed me a framed plaque with a message of love called MOM. David continued to say, "I was short on cash so I went to the ATM, but the machine ate my card, because I left it in there too long. I went to the store clerk and told her I was just short by $1.87 to buy this plaque for my mother; how the ATM machine took my card; and that I didn't have my checkbook with me. The clerk smiled saying, 'Well, I think we can work this out. If this is what you want to give to your mother, then you shall do it. She will love it. Merry Christmas!'"

        The spirit of Christ's birth was demonstrated in our son's earnest and sincere acts of giving, the kind and understanding heart of the sales clerk, and the unconditional love and joy we shared as a family. The true message of Christmas is:

                                                                      Gifts of Love
                                                          Family & Friends Together
                                                       Celebrating the Birth of Christ

Please share a favorite memory you have that demonstrates the true meaning of Christmas. I would love to read them.


                                                MERRY CHRISTMAS



  1. As a 4-year ovarian cancer survivor (who still has cancer!), I see Christmas as a celebration of the eternal God sending His eternal Son into the world to take on flesh. If you are a Christian you are familiar with John 1:1-3 and vs 14. In those verses we read about the Incarnation. This was God's foreordained plan from before the beginning of time. The story is stupendous! And to me, as I continue to fight cancer, so very encouraging to know that God has known me before the world began. And has saved me. So Christmas? I love the family fellowship. But I wish everyone everywhere knew the joy of knowing the Incarnation.

  2. At Christmas, I enjoy giving something to my neighbors. Why? My neighbors are my village. Without them, I would feel lost.

    This year my gift is pretzels covered with white chocolate, made and sold locally in 12 oz packages by an independent dealer with a 40 year history.

    Knocking on my neighbor's doors, visiting briefly and exchanging "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" is something I look forward to all year.

    My neighbors help me much more than I help them and food gifting is something tangible I can do for them.

    While not religious in the sense of the Nativity scene, thinking of others is a joyous celebration that, for me, embodies the spirit of Christmas.


  3. To both my anonymous friends:
    Your comments are beautiful and meaningful. Today is Christmas Eve and I am reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas during a quiet and relaxing day.
    God bless you both and wishing you the most blessed Christmas.

  4. We're fortunate to have enjoyed our favorite memory for many years. It's when all the baking is done, the presents wrapped, and the family together. We go to the midnight service at our church and hear about the birth of Christ. After the sermon and Christmas carols, the lights are dimmed and candles lit one at a time as we sing "Silent Night." It transports us to the first Christmas night and fills us with the Christmas spirit.

    1. We are getting ready to go to our candlelight service tonight. It is a special time.
      Merry Christmas, Gail, to you and your family.