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Thursday, April 11, 2013


I am delighted to introduce my guest blogger, Madhavi Sood, who shares her near-death experience and a poem from her book, From The Silence Within. Her story, gift of writing, and faith are all inspirational to me.

                                                                     I Believe ...

      Sometimes our deepest desires are the ones that push us to move on and do, and become all we want to in Life.

     I have traversed a long and painful journey and there is a lot I had to overcome to be able to walk and run again, although I have yet to cross many more miles and many more books to pen down. Life has given me a second chance - to live, to dream and to fulfill and I treasure, and hold close each moment of it.

     I have seen Life at close quarters from being a high achiever at school & college and later at work. 
Every thing some how came to a stand still when I almost died in my prime, struck with disease and bed ridden. I had a NDE- near death experience

     When I was in pain, Light and Nature beckoned me to pen poems and words, which flowed down like a cascade  while I was still lying down on my bed scribbling and looking through the open window at the sky and green trees by my bedside.

              Sometimes sketching or painting or simply writing down all that I wished to do in Life...

     I watered the plants in my small garden patch, perched so uncomfortably at times on a chair, trying to wash all the leaves and sprinkle them with the watering can. I hoped of being able to sit down without pain and enjoy the little joys of nature and of life!

     Each day was a challenge, as I surely recovered with Allopathy and Homeopathy medication from my Doctors and a lot of Praanayaam and Meditation. And of course a lot of love and understanding from my Dad and Mom  and my Family and the support of my husband, who all in their own wonderful ways stood by me and still do like pillars of strength.


Sometimes, in despair I would cry out in my sleep, for my joints had swollen with fluid and I could not fold my fingers or knees properly. At such moments, I would listen to the Gayatri Mantra and pray for strength from the Almighty God to make me alright again so I could fulfill all my dreams.


      I yearned to be a mother, when all my systems had almost halted and my hormones had gone haywire. Traversing and crossing the boundaries of spaces and times, my poems reached out to me and my own soul and helped me move my body engulfed as it was in aches, pains and ailments. Writing and reading books truly set my soul free and helped me recover faster – for here I could explore the written word and even express my innermost thoughts and feelings and simply be.

                                                                  I Believe ...

     If one truly and earnestly believes in all that one can or wants to be, surely a miracle begins the minute we start believing in one’s self and ones own abilities.  After a close NDE, I realized that the Universe we live in is full of radiant energy.

                      After all the sun always shines and pushes the darkness away at all times.

     The poems in this book, From the Silence Within, were written by me whilst I was bed ridden and ‘fighting for life’  some time back. Most of them are soul stirring, inspiring and motivating the self. Some poems are funny, a few lyrical and some romantic too.  Yet most of them are motivating and dealing with Life in its different shades and hues. I hope these poems move you, touch your soul and spirit as much as I loved writing them, for they eased me from pain and gave me a hope to survive.

                            “From the Silence within, shall bloom a thousand flowers.
                            Showered on life’s path, colourful and radiant like the stars.
                            And as each petal shall unfold.
                            A brand new verse, a poem, a new story unspoken will be told.

                            And as you browse through each page.
                            A mystery, some wisdom sprinkled will uncage.
                            For in my silence you will find.
                            My feelings, my joys and my sorrows hidden behind.

                            And when I am gone and lost.
                            These few words do treasure and keep fast.
                            Just close your eyes and listen from the Silence Within.
                            For I’ll be there with you forever, through, thick or thin”.

                                                            (© Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas 2012.
                                                                 Published in From the Silence Within)

In deep appreciation and gratitude to Life and to my Creator....

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Thank you so much, Karen Ingalls, whose life and work is so inspiring and who has given me this wonderful opportunity to write a guest blog and share my experiences and about my first book of poems, From the Silence Within. 


  1. Dear Karen,
    Thank you so much for putting my Guest blog.
    I'm indeed ever grateful and feel touched and honored to see it alongside your wonderful posts.
    Today is a very auspicious day as we celebrate the New Year (Gudi Padhwa) and its a day that ushers in New tidings, New beginnings and bonding with family and all the goodness that it brings along with it.

    Thanks so much for helping me reach out to so many souls....
    I recently took up the courage to sit down and try my hand at my wordpress blog too. I will try to link this as well on my posts there so your work 'Outshine Ovarian Cancer' too as well reaches to a wider audience.

    With Best Regards and a warm big hug of appreciation and gratitude,

    Madhavi Sood alias Madhavi Mohandas


    1. You are most welcome. I appreciate your gift of writing and your faith that got you through such a challenge.
      God bless you,

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    1. Lucia,

      I tried to open the survey, but it was closed. Sorry I could not be of help.

      Thank you for visiting this site.