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Thursday, January 9, 2014


                                          The incidence of thyroid cancer is rising,
                                                             the cure rate is high.
                     But this is a serious disease and not to be considered "the good cancer."

Do you know the symptoms?

                                   * A lump in the throat,

                                   * Difficulty swallowing,

                                   * Pain in the neck or ears,

                                   * Difficulty swallowing, or constant wheezing,

                                   * Frequent coughing,

                                   * Or, a hoarse voice.

Typically treatment involves surgery and radioactive iodine.

                                             **A recurrence may occur, years later**

There are no clear causes, 
                                however the risk factors are:
                                                             high exposure to radiation, 
                                                             family or personal history of goiter,
                                                             or, certain genetic syndromes.

Please watch the following video, which is informative and inspirational.

My thanks to www.thyroid.org, www.mayoclinic.com, and www.streaming well.com.

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