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Friday, April 25, 2014


      Recently a dear friend’s son wrote about the importance of a positive and loving attitude while facing any challenge. He writes this while facing advanced colon cancer. An 18 year old with Stage IV esophageal cancer does not "give in to all that negativity" but uses one word for his future prospects: "Excited." The saying about “the glass being half full” always offers a perspective of hope.

     We have all heard about the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, or the good wolf versus the bad wolf. When we allow bitterness, anger, jealousy, or selfishness control our decisions and actions then are we able to achieve our goals? If it is the bad wolf in control of our attitude, our goals might be achieved, but at what price? This is the central theme of my recent novel, Novy’s Son, The Selfish Genius (www.amazon.com)

     How to change a negative attitude to a positive one:

          1. Never compare yourself to others.
          2. Set a goal and try to reach it.
          3. Set a goal for things you are lacking (finances, friends, job, etc.)
          4. Give everything a chance before rejecting it.
          5. Keep yourself well groomed (look how you want to feel).
          6. Let others know how their negativity is affecting you.
          7. Stay upbeat.
          8. Be active in things that make you happy.
          9. SMILE.

      Even as a young person I was inspired by such people as Norman Vincent Peale, Albert Schweitzer, Marion Anderson, Gandhi, and Jesus. 
     Today my role models include those people who face adversity with strength, positivity, and a belief that when we live each moment with love and optimism we can "outshine any challenge or bad wolf."

                            For the most part is your attitude positive or negative? 
                           Are the people in your life smiling or frowning?
                           Is your glass half full or half empty?


  1. Thanks for this wonderful piece! Many mistake positive attitude as "faking it" or just putting on a smile and not feeling happy. That's not it. There are many tools you can use to actually and sincerely feel positive in tough situations. There are practices and teaching models that can help. Yoga, mindful meditation and writing in a gratitude journal all help move towards this true feeling. I am constantly working on this as it seems to slip in and out of who I am. Just like physical exercise, emotional and mental exercise needs to be practiced every day to achieve success. Just recently I found "Loving What Is" by Byron Katie. A wonderful practice! She found Daoism (or Taoism) while detoxing from a drug addiction and teaches what she discovered.....The only thing you need is the desire to feel more positive. For some THAT is the real challenge.

    1. Such wonderful advice. I use meditation and writing to help me stay positive and loving in my thoughts and deeds. Thank you for sharing.

  2. THANKS KAREN…..Here is
    A poem I wrote just before my last round of Chemo:

    March 22, 2014
    Spring in Albion

    The gateway of redwood trees allows entry
    to this realm of beauty and healing
    to the vista of widened river hoping for the sea
    to the wild white waters of wind and ocean
    the knowing whales swimming deep below

    How can one describe these tiny brilliant flowers
    Who go from bud to fruit so easily, so quickly really
    Each tree so different
    The apples in their pale pink to dark pink to almost white
    The Asian pears like snowballs from a distance—
    big puffs of white all clustered together
    And then the queen of the meadow—the ornamental cherry
    A huge cloud of pale pink mist, feathers, perfume—she beckons
    All who see her, to come near, to be enchanted
    By her beauty
    And her willingness to expose herself to the elements
    And to the river of time
    Understanding that her splendor is brief,
    But her commitment to rebirth each Spring
    Inspires Hope
    And the promise of light and renewal
    For all who gaze upon her

    In the cool velvet darkness
    In the middle of the night
    In the midst of dreams of passion and confusion
    The Moon
    claims the landscape and skyscape
    Overpowering all else, even at three quarters of her fullness
    She lights and delights the creatures of the night—
    The roaming deer, raccoons, skunks, night birds
    The cats and dogs who awaken, feeling the pulse of energy
    That moves the tides
    And the few humans who rise from sleep to be bathed for a moment
    in the softness of her shining
    Her energy too, seeping into the blossoms
    The pine and fir and redwoods
    The cold, moist green grass

    this second day of Spring
    Spotlights the pale orange and yellow tulips
    The white and golden daffodils,
    The dew leftover from a frosty night
    Covering the meadow with shimmering diamonds
    Birds call from fences and treetops
    Aware that change is in the air
    Time to renew, rebuild, replenish

    I listen to the quiet of the air
    Feeling the pulses of all my meridians
    Preparing for a new season, as well
    Preparing to renew, rebuild, replenish
    In the Spirit
    In the Heart
    In the Body
    Knowing that this winter of darkness
    Has taught me so
    And the human path of dis-ease and discomfort
    Is part of my path now
    But like the Spring,
    like Hope
    like flowers with their hint of fruit to come
    and trees that grow slowly taller and stronger
    and birds who migrate, or not
    I am part of this earth

    And I have simply weathered another season
    And I am ready now
    To blossom
    Once again

    Redwing Keyssar www.lastactsofkindness.com

    1. A beautiful poem that speaks volumes about the beauty of living life with hope. I am so glad you shared the poem here so that many others can benefit from it. You are blossoming once again!