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Thursday, October 23, 2014


                                 HEALTHY WAYS TO COPE WITH STRESS

     Last week I shared #19 humorous statements about stress. Though they may have put a smile on your face, each one had a deep and meaningful message.  Here are some healthy ways to cope with stress and see the glass half full.

Humor is certainly an important way to see life as half full. When I came home from the hospital after having major surgery for ovarian cancer, I watched as many episodes of Leave It To Beaver, The Carol Burnett Show, I love Lucy,  and old movies of Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers, and Charlie Chaplin. Laughter and smiles release endorphins, which are important hormones for relaxation, peacefulness, and stimulating the immune system.

     Meditation or Deep State of Prayer is the most powerful de-stressor as a person allows their mind to declutter, be quiet, and listen to the Word of God. Sometimes it requires practice, a quiet spot, and patience to achieve a time of spiritual peace. I often use a tape or CD of guided imagery to help me quiet my mind, open my heart, and relax my body.

Most any form of  exercise stimulates the cardiovascular system, the mind, and emotions are kept at a healthy place. Listen to your body and find the form of exercise that is best for you. No matter your age or state of health there are exercises right for you. As the commercial states: "A body in motion tends to stay in motion."

     When I see the glass half empty, I often journal about what is troubling me. So often I find that writing a poem, a short story, or just writing down whatever comes to my mind allows me to gain a new perspective on the issue(s). I have used this method most of my life. Once the issue is resolved, a heaviness on the heart is lifted.


Love of food is both a curse and a gift. If we overindulge in any of the food groups, our body will be sluggish and not digest it well. Often the foods we crave or want during stressful times, are the very foods we should not be eating. Sugars and alcohol are the most sought after during such times and both of them will only increase your stress. Eating healthy foods that are high in vitamins and minerals will promote health, emotionally and physically.

The Power of Positive Thinking was popularized by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and it still holds true today. Just think about how you feel and react to a negative person. Nothing is right with them or the world. They drain your energy and you do not want to be around them. Right? I had to turn the very negative situation of "You have cancer" into where I could say, "I have cancer. What am I going to do to make my life the best it can be? What can I learn and therefore, grow?"


Read more about how I kept my glass half full.



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