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Thursday, January 22, 2015


I had a health challenge in 2014 that is continuing into the new year. I have learned and relearned some important lessons from the experience when my ovarian cancer came back.

Beautiful lessons:
  • I am blessed to have so much love and support from family, friends, and even strangers.
  • Only brief "pity parties" are of value; otherwise, "happy parties" are just that: HEALTHY
  • Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meat provide the body with necessary vitamins and minerals. 
  • A "spoonful of sugar" is okay in my diet. I know this is a controversial subject, but it works for me if kept in strict moderation.
  • I learned that living for today is most important...use yesterday as a lesson and set goals and dreams for tomorrow. 

Resolutions for 2015 are to continue the ones from 2014, and add: 
  • More exercise, which is saying get back into daily walks and yoga. 
  • Spend more quality time with friends and family.
  • Learn to enjoy the little things even more...there are so many of them (birds chirping, waves on the lake, sunshine, smelling flowers, etc). Did I say "little things"? They are little only from the respect that I have too often taken them for granted.

Being a healthy person involves physical, emotional and spiritual health. My belief is that these three aspects certainly do interact with one another and therefore are interdependent. 
The healthier me relies greatly on keeping my spiritual self strong. My faith in God and living life as He would have me live it is essential. 

I wish for each of you a healthy and happy new year. You each have made my life more healthy and beautiful...your prayers, love, and support are the greatest gifts I have received all year long.

I invite you to read "Nursing from Within," which is a book by Elizabeth Scala that could also be called "Healing from Within." Next week the blog will be about how each of us can and must heal from within so our lives are happier and healthier. I borrowed ideas from Ms. Scala for this and next week's blog. www.elizabethscala.com

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