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Sunday, March 19, 2017


                          "Keep your face to the sunshine
                           and you cannot see the shadows."
                                          (Helen Keller)

       What a beautiful and very meaningful philosophy. To think that such a quote from a 
      woman, Helen Keller who never saw the sun shine. Perhaps her eyes physically did not see the 
      beauty of the sun's rays, her soul/spirit saw them. At a deep level that many of us
      do not reach, she knew that seeing shadows was self-destructive and unhealthy.

      Those of us who have heard the words, "You have cancer" wanted to retreat
      into the shadows. We could not see the sun or rays of hope for a period of time.
      For some of us it might be only for a few days, others months, and a few never step 
      out of the shadows.   

      When I was diagnosed in 2008 with ovarian cancer I went into a cocoon for a couple
      of days grieving and adjusting to what was now my new life. I asked questions. I 
      researched. I prayed. I leaned on the shoulders of friends and let the hugs from them
      and family help me to lift my eyes up to the sunshine.

      In 2014 I was diagnosed again with two tumors, one in the lung and one in the pelvis.
      I was shocked because I felt so good and had no symptoms. I was put on chemo-
      therapy for two years. I continued to live each day to the fullest trying to follow
      God's will.

      The two tumors returned in Oct. of 2016. Two weeks ago I had surgery to remove the 
      abdominal tumor and will start radiation to the tumor in the lung.


No matter what challenge we face...divorce, financial ruin, job loss, death of loved ones, 
      etc. I believe we are to keep our face to the sunshine. Or, look up to God for strength and
      guidance. I believe we are to learn from each experience and become stronger. 

                  *I think of Mr. M., Mr. W.,  Mr. B. to name but a few, who have lost their wives
                    to cancer.
                  *I think of dear friends, Marilyn, Marsha, and Donna who buried their loved ones.
                  *I pray for those facing divorce.
                  *I rejoice for friends who found peace and joy though their world had been turned
                    upside down due to financial losses.
                  *I pray for friends who daily face health difficulties due to long term illnesses.

                       All of these people turned their faces to the sunshine and proved to
                                     have the same strength as Helen Keller did.

                                            Enjoy this video and let it lift your soul:

                 My thanks to each of you who have been inspirational role models to me.

            **Don't forget that anytime my book is sold, "Outshine: An Ovarian Cancer Memoir"
                              all proceeds go to gynecologic/ovarian cancer research**


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