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Friday, September 15, 2017


Hurricane Irma is gone, but not the damage she left behind. Trees were blown down, power outages, flooded areas, and gas and food shortages. Fortunately only a few lives were lost. How well Florida was prepared for and endured the hurricane is to the credit of Governor Scott, the city mayors, law enforcement, the volunteers, and the "true grit" of Floridians.

As of this writing, five days after the storm our home is still without electricity, but thankfully our home was untouched. Our friends who live north of us, invited for us to stay with them before and after the storm. God bless them.

As soon as the curfew was lifted we drove to check on our home. Several neighbors just two houses from us were hit hard and tree branches flew through windows or doors were blown open. Debris cluttered their yards making it difficult to get inside their homes. Everyone who was around began to pitch in and help with the cleanup. We hugged, shared tears, and offered words of encouragement. We took photos to send to those residents out of state. Branches, Spanish moss and uprooted plants were piled along the street. Various lengths of aluminum were stacked up.

Here are just a few stories of people helping people.

     **Before Irma made landfall there were reports of people giving generators,  batteries, flashlights, water, and food to others.
     **A gift shop donated all their sales for two days to hurricane relief.
     **All Blaze Pizza locations in Florida offered free pizza and a drink for utility workers and first responders until Sunday.
     **An organization of Muslim American Marines bravely traveled to Orlando to lend a helping hand.
     **So @kristenanniebell literally saved my parents and my entire family tonight from #hurricaneirma . When they were stranded in Florida, she got them a hotel room at her hotel in Orlando and saved them, my brothers, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew. 
     **From Richard Branson: “We spent the day on Virgin Gorda helping with water, supplies, shelter. Incredible spirit from everyone here.

The best in people often comes out during tragedies, storms and earthquakes, or enemy attacks. It is interesting that Irma attacked Florida during the same days that we were attacked on 9/11/2001. Everyone in the United States rallied around those who lost lives, were injured, or in need of help. The same happened during Hurricane Irma when thousands of National Guard men and women, utility workers from surrounding states, medical personnel, volunteers, Congress and our President supported and helped everyone.

I have to wonder why more of us cannot keep that same spirit everyday. Now that life is returning to a more normal pace, some people begin to let their road rage show. Or there are fewer smiles from people in stores. Others are complaining that there is still some shortage of food, golf courses are slow to reopen, restaurants are unable to offer everything on the menu, or there are still some lines waiting for gas.

People do need people. But we need the helping hands, friendliness, caring, and love that we each can give to one another every day. I personally want to thank my friends, family, and strangers who have helped us through this difficult time.

Here is a poem by Benjamin Zephaniah, which brings the message of people needing people so beautifully and poignantly:
People need people,
To walk to
To talk to
To cry and rely on,
People will always need people.
To love and to miss
To hug and to kiss,
It’s useful to have other people.
To whom to moan
If you’re all alone,
It’s so hard to share
When no one is there.
There’s not much to do
When there’s no one but you.
People will always need people.
To please
To tease
To put you at ease,
People will always need people.
To make life appealing
And give life some meaning,
It’s useful to have other people.
It you need a change
To whom will you turn.
If you need a lesson
From whom will you learn.
If you need to play
You’ll know why I say
People will always need people.
As girlfriends
As boyfriends
From Bombay
To Ostend,
People will always need people-
To have friendly fights with
And share tasty bites with,
It’s useful to have other people.
People live in families
Gangs, posses and packs,
Its seems we need company
Before we relax,
So stop making enemies
And let’s face the facts,
People will always need people,
People will always need people.
–Benjamin Zephaniah

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